You don't want to forget any tax deductions. A big one that everyone remembers is charitable donations.

But how do you easily track all of those donations? You might have donated cash, stock, household items, or even driven your car to volunteer. All of these are prime tax deductions. And you don't want to forget them.

That's where ItsDeuctible can help.

Track tax deductions online

This is a FREE online service by TurboTax. It allows you to input all of your charitable donations throughout the year. And then it seamlessly imports into TurboTax at tax time. It easily tracks all different types of donations:


RLCC COMMENT: Andrew, of the Legal Andrew site, has plenty of interesting posts. This one seemed most appropriate for our Church site.

As our frequent readers know, we don't believe anyone should be coerced into paying taxes — democracy or not. At the same time, the Christian is not to resist evil other than not to fall. This is an unsolvable paradox for many.

We are antiwar, and many antiwar people advocate tax avoidance in ways clearly deemed mundanely illegal by the worldly powers that be.

Go ahead and pay those taxes. Jesus did. Go ahead and take all the deductions to which you are entitled under that mundane law as well.

Why is this all okay? Why is it okay to pay taxes to the warmongers rather than face prison and/or steep tax penalties, etc.?

God is watching everything. God knows exactly what's going on. If you don't resist evil but rather turn the other cheek, you will be practicing harmlessness on the highest level. You will be setting the highest standard that if everyone were to practice, there would be no wars to protest. If on the other hand, you fight evil with a lesser standard, you will be set for a greater fall.

Look to the ultimate result. Look to the end in mind. Then realize that the means and the end are one path.

God bless.

Tom Usher

Link to source-webpage by Andrew Flusche, obtained via: Legal Andrew, February 28, 2008, 7:37pm

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