Kibbutz makes a comeback
By Brenda Gazzar Reuters - Wednesday, March 26 12:20 am

KIBBUTZ KRAMIM, Israel (Reuters) - With its socialist doctrine of shared possessions — down to your underwear — and love of the land, the kibbutz for years symbolised Israel's earthy Zionist ideals.

But Israelis abandoned the collective farms in droves as socialism fell from favour in the 1980s, urban centres flourished and many kibbutzim sank into debt as they struggled to weather hyperinflation and soaring interest rates.


"The old kibbutz had some kind of inner beauty" says Yoram Sahar, a founder and member of Kibbutz Kramim. "It had a different environment ... It was like a big family. In the new kibbutz, everyone is more for himself."

The 1980's ushered in the most self-centered decade in my lifetime. It was and remains disgusting. What a terrible turn of heart it was. Its legacy is still plaguing humanity. When will they ever learn?

The kibbutzim didn't fall on hard times because the giving and sharing all nature of the kibbutzim was wrong. They fell on harder times, because the rest of society went headlong into rabid, greedy capitalism. Look what that's brought that would not have happened had the kibbutzim mentality been spread and enhanced instead. Do you think the subprime disaster would have occurred under the giving and sharing economy?

The greening of the kibbutzim is a great idea. The privatization is dead wrong though. That spirit will not work. It never has and never will. That spirit simply promotes dog-eat-dog.

Now, the socialism of the kibbutzim needs to be replaced by full Christianity. Then all will be well with the Earth and Heaven. It must be unanimous and voluntary though to merit God's complete blessing.

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