Trying to win a general popularity contest with nonbelievers dilutes the message at best. At worst, it means one isn't Christian at all, which is the case with John Hagee, the so-called Christian-Zionist pastor of Cornerstone Church, a San Antonio megachurch with some 18,000 members.

Christian Zionism has various interpretations, but the central belief is that ancient Israel must be restored to bring about Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ. Most Christian Zionists believe that during the Second Coming, Jews will ether convert to Christianity or perish.


While Israel's birth in 1948 seemed to fulfill biblical prophecy, Christian Zionists believe an intact Israel must also include Judea and Samaria — the predominantly Palestinian West Bank captured by Israel in 1967. As such, they have resisted returning any land to the Palestinians as part of a peace deal. And a war with Iran, some say, could usher in Armageddon.


'We have made a clean break with the past replacement theology and have embraced the Jewish people for whom the Bible says they are — the apple of God's eye,' Hagee said.


Hagee has stepped away from previous comments that called the Catholic Church 'the whore of Babylon' and that seemed to blame Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans' willingness to host a gay parade.

'I am not now, nor have I ever been, an anti-Catholic,' Hagee said.... 'I have never called the (Catholic) church the Antichrist or a false cult system.' And Katrina, he said, was either a blessing or a curse, and 'it was not a blessing, I can tell you that.'

One of the directors for Christians United for Israel, Ohio megachurch pastor Rod Parsley, has said 'Islam must be destroyed' and issued a 'lock and load' call against spiritual enemies. Hagee has been equally critical of Islam, but said that 'my remarks about Islam are always ... about radical Islam.'


Published: Saturday, March 22, 2008
Jews Debate Hagee's Zionism

Now, what is anti-Catholic? If it is anti Constantine I, then I'm anti-Catholic. If it means being coercive against Catholics, I am most certainly not that. In fact, it's the very coerciveness of Constantine I that causes me to be anti-Catholic in the first sense. Am I opposed to all things Catholic? No. Catholicism is a mixed bag. It is loaded with partial truths. The true parts I accept wholeheartedly. That applies to Judaism and Islam as well. It's the false aspects that I totally reject. Those false aspects are deviations from the pure path of Jesus Christ to God my father and your father and my God and your God if you will but accept it.

Both Judaism and Islam are coercive as taught by their clerics and as taught by Mohammed in Islam's case. Jesus taught us to be as harmless as doves to each and all.

Think about how wonderful, beautiful, and Heavenly the world will be when everyone is doing just that. It's the prophecy that will be fulfilled.

John Hagee is sucking up. He is sucking up to certain Jews only. It's a money machine where many of the bucks stop in John's pocket (way more than any one person should want for self and way more than John needs especially in the face of so much lack in the world caused by the antichrist-capitalist class). He is spinning the New Testament into the Old. His followers are following the Old Testament rather than the New. That makes them non-Christians. In fact, it makes them antichrist, for in spite of people's criticisms of George W. Bush's comment that "you are either with us or against us," one is either with Jesus or against him. It takes a great deal of soul searching and heart softening to come to realize that.

It's a matter of what is ultimate. Wherever one diverges from the spirit, one ends up dead of that spirit and consequently utterly lost. Wherever one teaches or exemplifies what runs contrary to Jesus, one leads others astray and literally against Jesus's teaching and exemplification. Enter the strait gate and stay on the narrow way. It's the only path that doesn't end up a dead end, so taught Jesus himself.

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