BOOK REVIEW & COMMENTARY SUPPRESSED IN THE UNITED STATES: Jonathan Cook's "Blood and Religion", by Stephen Lendman. The Baltimore Chronicle. March 27, 2008.

No matter what they do or how they try, they're Arabs first, and in Israel that's the "enemy." In a Jewish State, they'll "never be equal to a Jew." The state, in Jewish eyes, belongs to Jewish people, not its non-Jewish citizens, and Israeli courts affirm a Jewish State. Its a legal concept found nowhere else in the world, most countries could never get away with it, yet the world community ignores what Israel does.


..racism, relentless discrimination, futile battles for justice without end, bucking stone walls in court, and violations against Arabs of everything imaginable - rights relating to language, religion, education, land, housing, women, prisoners, political and social issues, and economic and employment ones. In all these matters and more, Israel grossly discriminates against Arabs and gets away with it.


More extreme notions were also heard from extremists like former general, Sharon Tourism Minister, and outspoken racist, Rehava'am Ze'evi. He advocated "transfer(ing)" Palestinians to other Arab states and remove them by state-imposed policies of economic hardship, unemployment and restrictions of land, water and other essential services. Two other times he was more extreme. In a 2001 radio interview, he referred to Palestinians as a "cancer (and) We should get rid of the ones who are not Israeli citizens the same way you get rid of lice, but he topped that one in 1990 after Saddam invaded Kuwait. Then he advocated expulsion to Jordan where they could be human shields if Iraq attacked Israel.

He wasn't alone in his views, and earlier, closely related ones were around and a policy called "Judaisation." Under it, state-sponsored Jewish settlements populated Arab heartlands in the Galilee and Negev, expropriated Palestinian land, and displaced its inhabitants incrementally. Polls during the second Intifada showed most Israelis approve, and that helped legitimize the development of "uncompromising policies to tackle the 'demographic threat.' "

If you believe in the real Jesus and not the phony version put forth by the likes of John Hagee and the other false-conservative, Republican, televangelists pretending to be Christians, you don't believe what the self-styled Zionists have done and are doing is right.

Jesus is not for those fake Zionists. He's for the real Zionists. Real Zionists are always for unselfishness, love, peace, truth, and all the rest of the good and for everyone whether or not a direct descendant of Jacob (Israel).

In way are those false Zionists abiding by their commandments? Jesus told the world about being consistent with the great commandments. He showed the world and is still showing it. He will continue doing so until every last person alive knows the law in his and her heart and therefore lives it accordingly.

How can the false Zionists be loving God as one and be doing what they are doing? How can they be loving their neighbors as themselves and be doing what they are doing? How can they be executing the Golden Rule handed down by their greatest prophets and still be doing what they are doing? Of course they can not be loving God or their neighbors or be following the Golden Rule of their scriptures and still be doing to the Palestinians what they are doing.

The U.S. government is shameful in its support of what the false Zionists have done and are doing. Both parties are being exceedingly selfish and therefore evil in this regard. They are not on the proper path.

We have John McCain's speech on our site in which he warns, as has George W. Bush, that the so-called terrorists (as if McCain and Bush aren't involved in terrorizing people) can not be reasoned with. The truth is that McCain and Bush are claiming a sweeping position without having put forth any effort. They haven't put forth effort because they are unwilling. Reaching out the olive branch wouldn't serve their worldly imperialist ambitions.

Reaching out in earnest would work, and they know it. It would necessitate hearing all the grievances of the opposition and then addressing those in righteousness. That is something they are unwilling to do. They don't want to hear it. It would spoil the feast. It would ruin their appetites. It would ruin the system built on greed.

Now, the truth is that greed ruins everything. Explain greed to a twelve-year-old and that child will know that greed is ruining life and the planet. It's why covetousness is a soul-destroying emotion — a grievous sin. It is greed and covetousness that is the root emotion of the false Zionists. That's why, among other reasons, Jesus pronounced woe upon the Pharisees who are the spiritual forbearers of the present-day Talmudist rabbis.

Real Christians, real followers of Jesus Christ know that to be a Christian is to work at being as Christlike as possible. They know they are in the world that currently surrounds them with non-believers. They know that those non-believers have established their system diametrically opposed to real Christianity.

To be Christlike is to be for giving and sharing all and for entering into each other's labors — past, present, and future. That's real communism, not Marxism. To be Christlike is to be for total pacifism. It is to be as harmless as a dove. It is to be unselfish. Marx was selfish at heart. It is never to coerce. It is always to warn but then let be. It is to overcome all temptations to lust after unwholesomeness. It is to know when evil temptation is knocking and to not cave in. It is to get back up after slipping, apologize, atone, and be that much more aware and vigilant.

How can a Christian support what Israel is doing to the Palestinians? How can a Christian support militarism, greed, sexual exploitation, weapons manufacturing or trafficking, addictive-drug creation and trafficking, and all the rest of such harm?

A real Christian will be for, among other things, Christians aiding each other, giving to the cause, bringing forth land where people can raise food for free for themselves and for all those who are hungry in body and soul.

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matthew 7:12 (King James Version).

Are the Jews or Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza following this teaching? If not, are they to be supported in their anti-Golden Rule behavior? Is anyone anywhere who is not following the teaching to be supported in anti-Golden Rule behavior? Isn't everyone to be warned and then let be rather than aided in misbehavior or coerced into reluctantly behaving a certain way desired by the coercive?

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