The New Testament alone, as Professor Norman Beck has shown, has 450 anti-Semitic verses. Jesus himself ushered in religious anti-Semitism when he infamously called the Jews "a brood of vipers" and "the children of the Devil."

Friday, March 28, 2008
India's English media glorifies Nazi church!
Clerical Whispers

There is absolutely not one word of anti-Semitism in the New Testament. To take even one word that way is to miss the point or deliberately distort it.

Jesus was a Jew. His original disciples were Jews. When he spoke about Jews who were doing wrong, he was speaking specifically about them and not saying that all descendants of Jacob were inherently irredeemable. All had sinned however. There is nothing anti-Semitic in making that observation. All of humanity has fallen into selfish errors.

Jesus and his followers were and are both against sin and for people rising. They aren't anti-people. Jesus gave his life for the many — all of whom were and are his fellow human beings. He loved people even though he hated them at the same time. People are a mixture of good and evil. They're part of each. They are not wholly good until they reach that point. That's why Jesus blazed the path of righteousness — so we may be perfected. We must though walk the walk and talk the talk consistently. We can not remain hypocritical as were the Pharisees and Sadducees who were the "brood of vipers."

Understand the figurative nature of the language. Snakes don't care about their offspring. They have them and forget about them. Human beings are not to be reptilian in nature. They are to overcome that and be transformed into higher beings. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with warning people about it? What's wrong with pointing out people's hypocrisies so they may see the way to changing after recognizing the error of their ways?

There's nothing wrong with it. It's good in fact. Those who love the truth want to know the right path. They're sick of making mistakes and falling. They don't want to fall anymore. They want to be good through-and-through. Those who hate the truth want to kill it. They want to shoot the messenger. They want to deny the son of God who comes in the name of the LORD, speaking words of wisdom.

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