Yesterday at about this time, I posted "American Labor: Wake Up Concerning Apartheid Israel" in response to an article in the Jewish daily Forward by Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and also president of the Jewish Labor Committee.

In the very next post, "Anti-Semitism: Reuters Rubbish," I wrote the following:

Look who's lumping everyone together as if the government of Israel represents all Jews. It doesn't any more than the Bush-43 administration has represented all Americans. Anyone criticizing Bush isn't besmirching my character, and I'm a citizen of the U.S.

Well, then in Australia, they wrote this.

Andrew Ferguson, the CFMEU's chief in NSW who authorised his union's participation in the ad, told The Australian yesterday: "I do not accept that being critical of policies of the Israeli state makes us anti-Semitic, just as being critical of the policies of George Bush does not make us anti-American." [Good for him! It's pure logic.]
The nation's union movement has divided over the issue, with right-wing Australian Workers Union secretary Paul Howes accusing the CFMEU and MUA of "lining up with Hamas".

"US Jews attack unions over ad," by Brad Norington. The Australian. March 31, 2008.

Now, that second part is also wholly illogical. Being critical of Apartheid Israel is not necessarily to be lining up with Hamas. I'm critical of the Apartheid policies of Israel, but I'm not lining up with Hamas.

People need to stop being so unintelligent about these things. I'm not with either Hamas or the Likudniks. I'm no neocon, and I'm not a Muslim or militant.

From where do these so-called leaders come? Who's choosing them to lead? Why would anyone choose people who twist so to lead them anywhere? The Australian Workers Union is going to regret it if they don't turn and repent concerning Israel and the Palestinians. Andrew Ferguson of the CFMEU is exactly right on this issue. All union members everywhere should be standing in total solidarity with him on it.

Obviously, many unions in the U.S. have been cowed and brainwashed by people with split personalities. On one hand, the egalitarianism of the union movement is right while on the other hand, coveting and expropriating other people's land and homes is also okay so long as one can milk enough sympathy over having been mistreated by others (Jews having been murdered by Nazis).

It's disgusting. It's so transparent. How can they even imagine for a moment that they can hide behind a cover that isn't even there? The truth is naked. The false Zionists have nothing behind which to hide. God isn't covering them. They are completely exposed as hardhearted liars and ethnic bigots and racists.

Listen, if people want to live separately, that's their choice. It isn't right though that they go and kick others out of their homes so they can then move in to live apart.

The U.S. and Britain and the other powers at the time had no right to give the Palestinians' land and homes to the Jews. They had no right at all! The Roman Empire destroyed Israel, not the Palestinians. The Germans exterminated Jews, not the Palestinians.

The fact that many Palestinians are Muslims doesn't give anyone the right to steal their land and homes and to continually squeeze them harder and harder into smaller and harsher conditions. It's evil no matter who's doing it. It is certainly antichrist.

The ruse just isn't going to work anymore. People aren't falling for it the way they used to. The standards are rising. More people are demanding truth rather than falling for brainwashing and thought-terminating statements such as the CFMEU and MUA are necessarily "lining up with Hamas."

Get real! Wake up, or you lose your souls.

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