"Divided We Stand, United We Fall," is a post on the blog by the same name. Now, when one reads that article, one must understand a number of things (countless things). First, the religion that dominated the state before the self-styled freedom of the colonies and then the U.S. was not a religion that was teaching or practicing the teaching and example of Jesus. It was a religion based upon coercion. Second, if humanity is to follow Jefferson rather than Christ, then humanity will be foregoing the real teaching and example of Jesus. There will be greed, violence, and sexual depravity rather than total provisioning of each and all by God through each and all and directly, complete peace, and zero sexual harm. The path of Jefferson is a dead end. It doesn't lead to a Heavenly Earth. The path of Jesus Christ, on the other hand, does lead there.

Jesus is not coercive. Jefferson's system is. Jesus's path is unity and stands in the highest and will never fall. It is whole. Jefferson and his ilk offer a fractured house cobbled together by self-denial. Their checks and balances are merely attempts to outwit the very selfishness they turn around and promote. It's nonsense. That's why it has led to global pollution (the U.S. having served up an estimated 25% of the world's pollution problems with some 6-7% of its population). It's also why the U.S. is engaged in naked, militant imperialism and colonialism.

Jefferson was a personal-estate builder. Nearly all of the leading founders were. They were after freedom to amass personal, private special privilege and advantage and not for the common good. Don't be fooled.

The system of the U.S. is an experiment — a test. One doesn't test God. It isn't built upon real faith. It's built on exactly the opposite. It doesn't have faith that people can be blown together by the Holy Spirit to live in accordance with the New Commandment. However, people do have that capability, and one day the whole Earth will live that way. That's the prophecy, and it will be fulfilled.

If you are a Christian, you will know for certain that this is the truth. Be conflated now.

Published by Tom Usher

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