Over on "Firm Christianity: Church & State - Can they really be separated?," George said that separation of Church and state is not in the U.S. Constitution. He said several other things concerning Christianity and the state. I left the following comment for him:

Hello George,

George, it is in the U.S. Constitution. It's there, because the state had been the instrument of coercion forcing people to profess Christianity and a very particular brand, namely Anglicanism under King George and many of his predecessors.

You are though absolutely correct that a Christian can not separate Church and state. God's kingdom is our state. It is however anti-coercive. Jesus never imposed himself upon anyone. Those who truly come to follow Jesus do so completely voluntarily, without duress or torture or anything of the kind.

The current state is the worldly state whose god is Satan. The Christian does not choose its leader or leaders. Jesus did not choose or vote for the chief priest of the Sanhedrin. He had no part in them. They had no part in him.

Also, the moral values of which you write are to include following every single one of Jesus's teachings including turning the other cheek always. He made no exceptions. We are never to be of the wrath. The wrath is the other spirit not Jesus's root.

The whole truth is what we seek.

God bless.

Tom Usher

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