As I wrote in an earlier posts ("More on Rev. Wright Not All Wrong or Right"; "Jeremiah Wright: Not all right or wrong"), there are things Rev. Wright has espoused concerning which I don't agree. I don't agree that Louis Farrakhan merits the kind of lauding he has received from Rev. Wright.

I'm not saying Louis Farrakhan is wrong about everything. I've listened to him preach hours on different subjects. If taken in isolation, many of his points are completely valid. Of course, Satan can state valid points when they are taken in isolation. He does it constantly. The best people can also slip up. That happens too. That's why we thank God for God's mercy. Louis Farrakhan lands somewhere on the mundane spectrum of good and evil. He's in a different mansion though. He and I are not of the same house. Does, Rev. Wright recognize that Louis Farrakhan is not of the Christian fold? Does Wright qualify his praise of Farrakhan?

Louis Farrakhan can give a fairly convincing speech. Most White people have never listened to him or read him. If you've never been exposed to him, read, "Jesus: The Guide for the Public Servant." Of course, this is only one talk out of many thousands. He's putting his best foot forward. We all do that. What's wrong with what he's saying? Well, he doesn't understand or doesn't want to let on that the house (the current system) is inherently divided and will fall down regardless of anyone's vote within it. It is built upon coercion. Those who win according to the rules of that system force others to live in ways that are in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus. It forces compromise or confrontation where the coercive will resort to violence to enforce their will even on the much more righteous. Voting for the officials of the worldly system is choosing those who will lord it over others. It's not Christian.

Louis talks up Jesus, but he's not a Christian. He's a hybrid Muslim. Nevertheless, it must be said that much of what he says is right. Most of what he said about the poor in his talk is right. Voting for coercive measures won't cure the problem though. Take what is right and discard what is not.

Is he a pacifist as is Jesus? No. So when he touts Jesus's teachings, he does so hypocritically. He uses Jesus despitefully. Does he realize this? Let him consider it. Should he convert to Christianity? Yes, of course he should.

Why is he a Muslim? The decision for many Blacks in America to become followers of the Nation of Islam was a reaction against the bad treatment of Blacks at the hands of Whites in America. Most of those Whites falsely claimed to be Christians. They gave Christianity a bad reputation. Many of the downtrodden mistakenly equated Christianity with a repressive tool of the Whites. That's not real Christianity. It's evil twisting for selfish reasons to continue lording it over others rather than each and all serving the whole and especially the least.

What about Wright's views concerning homosexuality? Wright has adopted the position of those who have promoted the term homophobia with their connotation that belief that homosexuality is harmful (which it is) is irrational. It isn't irrational. It's honest. Many people want to couch homosexuality in relative terms. They want to convince people to believe that warfare is so bad that homosexuality ought not to be focused upon. Well, warfare is bad. However, the slippery slope is the slippery slope. The same mindset that opens the flood gates of Hell for one form of harmful lust opens it for the other evils to flow through as well. It takes closing the gates on all selfish and harmful emotions that will finally work forever. That's what Jesus's direction says. Homosexuality is harmful. No good comes of it, ever. ("Homosexuals: What they ignore.") It is a temptation that is contrary to wholeness. It gives sexual release from tensions. It then brings pain and suffering. Many people don't learn but exacerbate it. They act out as if they deserve it. They've been exposed by molesters passing on evil. They've been exposed to the temptations of the flesh. In many cases, they were only easily manipulated children. The molesters themselves underwent the same evil treatment and haven't overcome. It doesn't stop with them before they pass it on. It is a confusion that is to be overcome. No one has to cave into such temptation. It is always a choice. The more one doesn't do it, doesn't cave in, the easier it becomes. It can take some people years to break a nasty habit, but they can do it.

Now, many people in the United Church of Christ are trying to be good people. The same is true of the Southern Baptists, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists. The whole thing comes down to defining the term "good." When defined as Jesus has wanted us to comprehend it, the standard is perfection. It's the infinite goal. Perfect harmlessness and beneficence is God by definition. Who created the concepts is God. Thos who find the concepts and act accordingly are being one in spirit with God who is spirit.

I've also said that damning America is wrong. Christians don't damn anything or anyone. Jesus pronounced woe, but he did it in a way that warned away from evil behavior. Evil behavior brings evil consequences also upon those who practice it. He didn't judge and condemn. He told the truth. To damn someone or something is to ask God to be wrathful against wickedness. It is to ask that Satan be unleashed. We get what we deserve in the end. When we ask for destruction of evil, what happens to us as sinners ourselves? Where is the line drawn? Don't curse others. Bless them.

Asking not to be led into temptation, asking to be delivered from evil, asking to be separated, asking God to bless everyone with the truth, are all very different from asking God to be vengeful. Satan will be vengeful.

These concepts are not easy for people, because people are not accustomed to them. It is very difficult for many to see that God is love and real and that even though it is completely correct to hate evil and to know it as falsehood, it is unGodly to punish or coerce. Those who fall, leave. Humanity left the proverbial garden (the mindset, the spirit, the emotional state). Sure, The Bible is loaded with God not fitting the above description until we come to Jesus.

The Bible is story after story that when built upon itself reveals that all was not revealed to all at all times. Jesus knew more than those who went before him (before him mundanely, temporally). He knew and knows more about God than did all the prophets before him combined. No one has come along since who knows God better than does Jesus. Frankly, Jesus was the most enlightened soul ever to walk the Earth. Why the Jewish people as a whole aren't immeasurably pleased that one of their own bloodline came so elevated is beyond sense. I'm please to say that I am one of Jesus's fellow human beings. I have no idea the degree to which any of Jacobs DNA is in me. Also frankly, it's irrelevant. The spirit family is what matters in Heaven.

God is as Jesus explained. Jesus made God clearer and plainer. In fact, on a certain level, Jesus made God perfectly clear and plain. He showed God. He did God. What did he do that wasn't Godly? I can think of nothing. No one has ever told me of anything.

Semantics can be a blessing or a curse depending upon the nature one chooses. We ought to use semantical understanding to bring forth righteousness. Others though use it to endlessly twist, avoid, obfuscate, and the rest.

So, Rev. Wright believes, or at least did, that the U.S. government created HIV as a racist weapon. I wrote before that such behavior by the U.S. government certainly wouldn't be out of keeping with history. Others have pointed to the Tuskegee syphilis so-called experiments done on unsuspecting Black men. What a disgusting, inhuman, beastly thing to have done. Of course, we know of the human radiation experiments as well. We know about the aerial spraying of whole cities. We know of sending soldiers into radioactive fallout. We know of the de-patterning of human brains. We know of the work of the Finders on abducted children to create CIA tools (amnesiac, amoral agents and assassins). The list goes on and on and on. We also know about the long list of false-flag operations and looking the other way (as with Perl Harbor) while others attack after having been endlessly goaded, threatened, and antagonized. We know of the endless cover-ups, as with the violent overthrow of the U.S. government in the coup and assassination of John F. Kennedy. We know that Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated by the agents of the U.S. government. We know that CIA agents assassinated Robert F. Kennedy. It goes on and on. We know that there is a black budget of a shadow government inside the government where trillions are sloshed around by those who practice the dark arts (the darkest of arts known to human kind). That shadow government is not to be confused with the use of the expression by the British. The shadow government in the U.S. is the deep state.

We know that 9/11 was an inside job. The only question is the degree and not whether or not. The so-called investigation was a farce. Everything was covered up. Leads were just not followed. They were ignored. The people didn't demand accountability. Those responsible are still running things (into the dirt). You will notice that things are not getting better. They have steadily been getting worse, and that includes concerning Iraq. Anyone who thinks that the worst repercussions from Iraq are over is dreaming. The worst is yet to come, because the American people haven't done enough to avoid it.

Buying off Arabs and Persians isn't going to work in the final analysis. It isn't real atonement. The so-called surge buying off militia groups, putting them on the payroll, isn't atoning.

What about Rev. Wright's accusation about HIV? I gave a list of historical evidence as to why such a thing would not be out of keeping with the historical character of the U.S. government. Let's though look specifically for a moment at the Anthrax attacks on the U.S. that came just after 9/11 and before the passage of the infamous Patriot Act that had already been long prepared.

Anthrax: US Military, FBI, et al., False-Flag Operation

Alex Jones digs into the anthrax conspiracy and cover-up with Francis A. Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois-Champaign and author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. As for more proof that the US government has engaged in false-flag operations, we have the anthrax case.

Beginning a week after 9-11, letters with anthrax were mailed to news media and two US senators.

The smoking gun in the hand of the US government consists of two related facts. First, the FBI had the Ames cultural anthrax database purged in an attempt permanently to cover up that the anthrax used in the attack on Congress in October, 2001, came from a super-weaponized strain that was manufactured by the Pentagon (military-industrial complex). Second, according to Francis A. Boyle speaking on Alex's radio show, the same FBI agent on the case was involved in delaying the investigation of the Moussaoui computer (explained below).

The US was pumping out disinformation to try to tie the anthrax strain to Iraq. This aspect concerned the claim of the absence of aluminum in the silica used to weaponize the anthrax.

The FBI also lied to the senators (the targets of the attack and two men responsible for legislating the nation's laws) about the Anthrax saying that the information was "too sensitive" to share with them. The only reason to withhold that information from them and to destroy the database is to cover the criminals.

This attack was the method used to stimulate fear so that the Patriot Act would be rushed through without committee hearings, etc., concerning the loss of civil liberties. Senators and new media were targeted for maximum exposure to drum up fear in the general population. That fear resulted in the population not only acquiescing to the dismantlement of civil-liberties protection but actually clamoring for such dismantlement. This resulted in what the conspirators wanted: Greater concentration of power, control, and, of course, ultimately money in their hands.

The same FBI agent, Marion "Spike" Bowman, involved also helped to sabotage "the FISA warrant for access to Zacarious Moussaoui's computer." Moussaoui's computer contained detailed information on the 9-11 attack plan and software instructions for flying the planes. According to Jim Fetzer, that flight-training software was the same software lost by the copilot of the Paul Wellstone plane that went down. Was it the same licensed copy? The FBI said the very day of the Wellstone crash that there was no terrorist connection. Fetzer rightly points out that such a definitive statement is totally designed to mislead people. Unless the FBI were in on the crash, it could not possibly have known that there was no terrorist connection.

Please note that the FBI had that computer before the 9-11 attacks.

This Spike Bowman received an award and promotion. Another FBI agent, Michael Maltbie, who was involved in thwarting searching Moussaoui's computer also received a promotion. It is ever so.

Also, the FBI agent(s) involved with the famous Phoenix Memo that discussed 9-11 terrorists' airplane training were threatened if they discussed publicly what they knew or know.

It is also important to understand that the White House staff and president were on the antibiotic Cipro ® (ciprofloxacin) on 9-11 and for three weeks before that. Ciprofloxacin is the antibiotic used to counter anthrax.

Also, when the Patriot Act was up for renewal, nerve-agent sensors in the Congress went off. That was to drum up fear again. The timing is not merely coincidental in all of these things. When they are added to all the other false-flag evidence, it is overwhelming. The pattern is undeniable.

Be aware that Halliburton has been constructing secret concentration facilities with thousands of beds, some twelve thousand it has been suggested. It looks on the surface that these are to hold undocumented immigrants. There are most certainly FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) facilities[198] designed to deal with dissenters as if all of them are engaging in violent insurrection. The national emergency would be another false-flag operation on the US at which time the federal government would declare martial law and use the military on US soil to round up all the political enemies, all dissenters, and place them in these camps/facilities where they would be stripped of their citizenship and denied all due process of law. This would put the US on a par with Stalinism and Nazism just shy of exterminating the people in the camps. It should be noted though that the people in the camps could be tried by military tribunals where they would not have the right to hear or see the so-called evidence against them and could be found guilty and sentenced to death for treasonous behavior that is dissenting against the dictatorship.

Remember, law professor John Yoo has written legal opinions for the US administration that were used to sanction torture. Yoo said that the US government, the president, could crush the testicles of children in front of their parents to illicit information. Well, anyone who thinks that is too dangerous to hold any position of authority or be allowed small children or animals. We don't mean that sarcastically but literally.

We've written before about these depraved lawyers who have been chosen by the conservative Republicans to guide the legal decisions and set the boundaries for the federal executive branch.

These are American-fascist lawyers. We mean they are ideologically no better than the Nazis, perhaps worse if that's possible, and it is. The Jews were subhumans to the Nazis, so, therefore, nothing the Nazis did to the Jews was a crime against a human being. They were seen as rodents fit for extermination. This is the status that will be given to those who stand against the coming dictatorship if it is not stopped in the hearts of a universally repentant people.

Francis A. Boyle made the point on Jones' radio show that the anthrax-conspirators attempted to murder Democratic senators Tom Daschle of South Dakota (who was the leader) and Patrick Leahy of Vermont. Five people were murdered by the conspirators. Seventeen others were sickened.

He also reminds us that the Patriot Act was drafted before 9-11 by John Ashcroft's attorney general's office as was Patriot Act II , which has been largely put into so-called law in bits and pieces and via the Military Commissions Act.[199]

Chapter 54 False Flag 9-11 and More: Supplement: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CONSERVATIVE-REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN: Jesus is a small-c communist

Friday, July 28, 2006:


Kroll, Inc.,[37] owned by the largest insurance company in the world, AIG (American International Group), from 1993-2004, is a security and espionage company. They had the security contract on the World Trade Center. Jerome Hauer of Kroll gave John Oneill his job with Kroll at the WTC. [John Oneill was an FBI agent who had been working to uncover terrorism and was being thwarted left and right by others in the U.S. government. He was killed on 9/11 or more correctly murdered.]


AIG had its own in-house law firm, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, (now spun off) that is the fourth largest law firm in the US. A Greenberg was heading AIG at the time.

He has since been forced to resign from AIG due to fraud charges:

...accusing Greenberg of orchestrating 'sham transactions' that hid losses and inflated AIG's net worth. Just last week he resigned from AIG's board, ending his last official tie to the company — the same week two executives at General Re, a unit of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway that did business with AIG, pleaded guilty to civil fraud charges that name Greenberg as a co-conspirator.[38]

Antonin Scalia

That law firm hired supreme court justice Antonin Scalia's son on election day 2000. Think about that. AIG's law firm was representing George W. Bush in the vote recount case and they hire the son of a supreme court justice who then wrote a memo to the other justices saying that the recount cannot be allowed to go forward because a recount would cause irreparable damage to George W. Bush [because he would have lost]. The court then votes for Bush. Case closed.

Don't forget that a Bush brother, Marvin Bush, was involved in security at the WTC a little before 9-11 with Securacom.

Kroll had aviation terrorist experts and other such experts in terrorism and counter-terrorism activities. Jerome Hauer of Kroll had just been then New York mayor Rudy Giuliani's head of the office of emergency management. Giuliani's bunker was in Building Seven by the way. Jerome Hauer is the one reportedly who told the White House to go on Cipro right before the anthrax attacks on liberals in Congress and certain media companies. This Jerome Hauer is reputedly a bio-weapons expert. He had friends, associates, at the lab to which the anthrax strain was most closely traced, the Army bio-weapons labs at Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland.

Kroll operates as a private CIA. It is a revolving door to the FBI and the highest levels of law enforcement and prosecution, etc.

This company is a hybrid. It has the earmarks of a front company for the CIA, which is a very old method used by the CIA. It also is a for-profit corporation that is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol KROL. They make a fortune on fear of loss.

Chapter 18 US/Israel: Supplement: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CONSERVATIVE-REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN: Jesus is a small-c communist

The alleged destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames, Iowa, from which the Fort Detrick lab got its pathogens, was blatant destruction of evidence. It meant that there was no way of finding out which strain was sent to whom to develop the larger breed of anthrax used in the attacks. The trail of genetic evidence would have led directly back to a secret government biowarfare program.

"Clearly, for the FBI to have authorized this was obstruction of justice, a federal crime," said Boyle. "That collection should have been preserved and protected as evidence. That's the DNA, the fingerprints right there. It later came out, of course, that this was Ames strain anthrax that was behind the Daschle and Leahy letters."

At that point, recounted Boyle, it became very clear to him that there was a coverup [sic] underway. He later discovered, while reading David Ray Griffin's book on the 9/11 attacks, The New Pearl Harbor, that Bowman was the same FBI agent who allegedly sabotaged the FISA warrant for access to [convicted co-conspirator] Zacharias Moussaoui's computer prior to 9/11. Moussaoui's computer contained information that could have helped prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Originally from on July 4, 2007, 4:11am

Bush I Bioweapons Advisor Says Anthrax Attacks Could Have Originated within US Government

Monday, April 02, 2007
Must Britain's ministry of defence and MI6 intelligence Hang With Chemical Ali?

In late 1990, I discovered four British technicians in Baghdad who told me they had been "seconded" to Iraq by Britain's ministry of defence and MI6 intelligence to make chemical and biological weapons, including anthrax, Q-fever and plague, at a secret laboratory at Salman Pak.1

We knew about the US and Britain and others supplying Saddam's regime with materials, equipment, and training in biological and chemical weapons. We hadn't heard before that Britain had actually been in Iraq manufacturing illegal biological weapons for Saddam Hussein. Now you know more of why they tried him in a kangaroo court and hanged him to shut him up. Now you know more of why they allowed all the looting of the secret documents about the West's direct hand in the war crimes of Saddam.


1 Eric Margolis. "West has bloodied hands." Toronto Sun. December 19, 2004. Link. (last accessed: Monday, April 02, 2007). Return to text body.

Week in Review: Sunday, April 01, 2007 — Saturday, April 07, 2007

If you don't believe it, you just don't know how low one has to sink to do what manifests the evil fruit. To gain the world, one must gleefully worship the satanic spirit. One must revel in the insanity of it all. One must love the temporary feedback loop in the brain at all the power and control and wealth and impunity and insane adulation, etc.

Reagan and Bush-41 engaged in eighty shipments of biological weapons materials including anthrax, botulism toxin, Dengue fever virus, gangrene bacteria, and West Nile fever virus. That number of shipments is known. It does not mean that there were not additional secret shipments to Iraq.

Chapter 2: Christian Conservatism: The Most Significant Confusion: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CONSERVATIVE-REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN: Jesus is a small-c communist

After realizing that the anthrax attacks looked like a domestic job, Boyle called a high-level official in the FBI who deals with terrorism and counterterrorism, Marion "Spike" Bowman. Boyle and Bowman had met at a terrorism conference at the University of Michigan Law School. Boyle told Bowman that the only people who would have the capability to carry out the attacks were individuals working on U.S. government anthrax programs with access to a high-level biosafety lab. Boyle gave Bowman a full list of names of scientists, contractors and labs conducting anthrax work for the U.S. government and military.

Bowman then informed Boyle that the FBI was working with Fort Detrick on the matter. Boyle expressed his view that Fort Detrick could be the main problem. As widely reported in 2002 publications, notably the New Scientist, the anthrax strain used in the attacks was officially assessed as "military grade."

"Soon after I informed Bowman of this information, the FBI authorized the destruction of the Ames cultural anthrax database," the professor said. The Ames strain turned out to be the same strain as the spores used in the attacks.

The alleged destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames, Iowa, from which the Fort Detrick lab got its pathogens, was blatant destruction of evidence. It meant that there was no way of finding out which strain was sent to whom to develop the larger breed of anthrax used in the attacks. The trail of genetic evidence would have led directly back to a secret government biowarfare program.

"Clearly, for the FBI to have authorized this was obstruction of justice, a federal crime," said Boyle. "That collection should have been preserved and protected as evidence. That's the DNA, the fingerprints right there. It later came out, of course, that this was Ames strain anthrax that was behind the Daschle and Leahy letters."

At that point, recounted Boyle, it became very clear to him that there was a coverup underway. He later discovered, while reading David Ray Griffin's book on the 9/11 attacks, The New Pearl Harbor, that Bowman was the same FBI agent who allegedly sabotaged the FISA warrant for access to [convicted co-conspirator] Zacharias Moussaoui's computer prior to 9/11. Moussaoui's computer contained information that could have helped prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

In 2003, Bowman was promoted and given the Presidential Rank Award by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote a letter to Mueller, chastising the organization for granting such an honor to an agent who had so obviously compromised America's security.

"Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out," by Steve Watson. AfterDowningStreet. July 3, 2007.

This story really didn't get nearly the coverage it should have. Here are a few of the sites though that did repeat the story. They deserve credit. This is not a wholesale endorsement of all the sites on the Internet that covered the story. Some such sites are blatantly antichrist, even openly promoting the devil.


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