"... the Agriculture Department and Punjab Agriculture University does not show any kind of interest in village accepts promoting Bt. cotton. Both have regional centers at Bathinda only 32 Kilometers away. Irony is that officials of department and PAU are prescribing Bt cotton as a remedy to this environmental health crisis. More painful is that the politicians from both camps are also singing the same chorus. They should know that Bt cotton is here from last four years and still the children like Manish are taking birth. Then another dark side is mounting debt and rising number of farmers' suicides. It is irony of Jajjal that it has also witnessed about 20 farmer's suicides in last ten years and there are several others who had moved out of agriculture after selling their land. Now they are land less labourer. Jajjal is in deed a village in acute crisis.

RLCC Comment: Why are people choosing Bt anything? Forget that evil, ignorant choice. It was brought forth by the greedy. The greedy never bring forth anything good. Everything they bring forth is always evil. If anyone who has ever brought forth Bt anything brings forth anything good, that one has done so solely by deviating from the spirit that brought forth the Bt whatever. That one has operated out of a split spirit. Make the tree good or evil, not split. Put the lives of others at least equal with your desires for yourself.

Link to source-webpage by WorldProutAssembly, obtained via: World Prout Assembly, February 13, 2007, 7:52pm

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