By Mohammed Mesbahi & Dr Angela Paine
14 February, 2007

14/02/07 "World Prout Assembly" - In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human rights. All the world's nations agreed that every human being in the world had the right to adequate food, water, housing, healthcare, education, political participation and employment. Almost sixty years later, a global economic system based on competition and profit has failed to provide these essentials for the majority of the world. 800 million people are still starving to death in a world of plenty and the gap between the rich minority and the poor majority has increased and continues to increase.

The global economy needs to be reformed or replaced, and the United Nations is currently the only international body through which such fundamental economic change can be facilitated. The only way the UN can address gross poverty and inequality is by sharing the world's resources.


RLCC Comment: Every member state signed on, but every person in every member state did not. Also, the U.N. is not the only body through which such change may take place. In fact, because the U.N. is a group of coercive states, it can not be the body by which such is brought forth. What must happen is for every person in every nation-state to finally choose, without being coerced, to give and share all with all and especially beginning with those with the least. Then Shiloh (the real Zion; the peace) will come.

Link to source-webpage by WorldProutAssembly, obtained via: World Prout Assembly, February 13, 2007, 7:43pm

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