This article appeared awhile back. I stored it and read it again today. As we get close to the nadir of Bush/Cheney one has a fear that something again may appear to install fear in the public. Reaction to anything like 9/11 would allow a further step in executive control. Simularites and parallels abound with Nazi history. I, like most of us, feel this is an extreme case. However not to be vigilant would be foolhardy. MB

Could Our Democracy Withstand Another 9/11?

By David T. Z. Mindich, AlterNet
Posted on February 29, 2008, Printed on April 4, 2008

On a cold January morning in 1933, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as chancellor of one of the world's great democracies. While the world has duly noted its 75th anniversary last month, it is not the cold January morning but a hot February night that should command our greatest attention. It was 75 years ago this week that the parliament building, the Reichstag, was set ablaze. As the Reichstag burned, Hitler was busy converting the chancellorship into a dictatorship.

As we engage in the democratic process of picking a new president, a look back at Hitler's dizzying rise is an instructive reminder of the fragility of democracy, then and now.

During the period of long simmering fears over an amorphous international threat — communism — German opposition forces were willing to give Hitler the chancellorship despite his capturing only a minority of votes during the recent election. But it was the Feb. 27 Reichstag fire, a fire that the Nazis accused a Dutch Communist of setting, that sent the country on a quick road to fascism. Within 60 days, Hitler had begun the process of arbitrary arrests, warrantless surveillance and searches, incarceration without charges, suspension of habeas corpus, the implementation of torture, the mustering of a private army, and was pushing through the passage of the "Enabling Act," which gave Hitler and his henchmen the power to ignore the legislative branch and write laws themselves.

We are not a fascist country. Nobody is contemplating the mass arrest or elimination of Communists, Jews, or any other groups. To compare our secret prisons, our warrantless spying, our suspensions of habeas corpus, our torture, our mercenaries, and our "signing statements" that flout legislative laws to theirs is a dangerous oversimplification. To compare Bush to Hitler — Hugo Chavez-like — insults the memory of Hitler's victims.


When Franklin Roosevelt enacted military tribunals in the Second World War, he used Lincoln's actions as a justification. When Bush did so, he cited Lincoln and Roosevelt.


RLCC Comment: Let us not understate the devastation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and other places. Let us not understate the threats against Venezuela and Iran and other places. There are victims, many victims.

Something that isn't lost on the would-be totalitarian, fascist dictators is that another 9/11 would raise the demand for thorough investigations considerably higher. In other words, they are aware it would create a backfire they might not be able to contain no matter what. Their supercomputers have told them so.

The so-called conservatives feign upset over statements such as "the chickens came home to roost" on 9/11, but the truth is that had the U.S. been only a beneficent country, 9/11 would not have happened. That is true no matter how true the false-flag aspect is also.

9/11 happened because of evil souls within and without the U.S. government. That's the way it is. It also happened due to the generalized level of evils (harm) of all kinds. They are all evils, and evil begets itself. It's a fact.

That's not to say that the innocent aren't targeted. They most certainly are.

It's all a blending of all of these things that God alone may fully weigh and sort. That's why we humans are not to resort to vengeance. In vengeance, the vengeful always do harm to the innocent no matter how pinpointed they imagine their revenge to be. Vengeance damages souls, and that impacts in ways unconsidered by the blinded, hostile avenger. It ruins the spirit.

Link to source-webpage by Michael Butler, obtained via: Michael Butler's Blog, March 22, 2008, 2:47pm


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