"..The International Monetary Fund will next week forecast that the US economy will go into recession this year.
..a German newspaper reported Tuesday, citing an upcoming report.
The IMF believes the US will experience at least two successive quarters of negative growth — the technical definition of a recession —
– and will grow only half [...]

RLCC Comment: Everyone with any experience watching the economy over the decades knew it was coming long ago. They knew that the happy talk was just to buy time while the con artists cleared out to leave the suckers (their prey) holding the bag.

Well, I have news for those con artists. It's all recorded. God's awareness is total and his memory is perfect and forever. You've gotten away with nothing but the loss of your souls if you don't turn and repent. When you do turn, you had better do it because you feel for those people you hurt. You better feel for everyone hurt everywhere by the selfishness in humanity.

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