RLCC Comment: [Updated: Saturday, April 05, 2008: 12:00:16 PM] How specific has McCain been about which procedures that obviously constitute torture he would or would not allow? He would allow waterboarding for one, which is certainly a form of torture. Anyone who doesn't think waterboarding is torture is really being extremely dimwitted about it. How can anyone calling himself or herself a Christian be in favor of having John McCain as the leader? How can he not be leading souls astray? The Godly don't waterboard other souls and they aren't for it but adamantly against it always. They won't cave into it even to save any flesh. To torture, to be for it, is to lose the soul. Only demons cave into such evil temptations. Demons work for Satan, not God. They aren't with Jesus. They are the enemies of Jesus. They murdered him. They chanted for his crucifixion, whipped him, spiked him to the cross, and taunted him as he was up there dying as a ransom, an atonement, the light, the bringer of truth, the path of love to God that is the only way.

All McCain's experience is for not.

McCain was tortured as a POW and gave what we presume to be false confessions. Under the pressure of torture McCain called himself a baby killer, a war criminal, and gave over 30 anti-American propaganda broadcasts.

We assume McCain broke under torture. God knows we all would. If you torture someone they will tell you want [what] ever you want to hear in order to get you to stop. This is a known fact; a fact McCain knows first hand from his deep brutal personal experience.

Yet McCain continues to support torture [he claims not] and feels it is a necessary tool in order to obtain 'information' the American Government needs to 'keep us safe from terror'.


Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Pissed On Politics, April 3, 2008, 6:03pm

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