Israel, U.S. to coordinate on boycott of Durban II conference
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent
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Israel and the U.S. decided a few weeks ago to boycott the Durban II conference scheduled for early 2009 and likely to harshly criticize Israel's human rights record unless they receive firm guarantees that the event will not turn into anti-Israel festival.


The September 2001 conference in Durban, South Africa had been slated to deal with racism and xenophobia, sponsored by South Africa, the UN Human Rights Commission and the UN non-aligned states a body dominated by Arab states.

The conference was attended by official government delegations, as well as non-government organizations who dictated a hard anti-Israel and anti-Semitic line.

The attacks on Israel included accusations of apartheid, that Zionism is racism, and that the Holocaust is not a unique event but similar to other events in history.

Delegates also said Israel was "born in sin," the result of ethnic cleansing of Arabs and that in the present, it is committing genocide against Palestinians.

U.S. and Israel's representatives walked out of the conference in protest at these attacks.


"We are concerned this time too there will be criticism and an anti-Semitic attack," a Foreign Ministry official said. "What can you expect from a conference whose organizers include Cuba, Iran and North Korea."

On Wednesday, many major U.S. newspapers ran an advertisement signed by 25 public figures including former politicians, religious leaders and intellectuals, calling on the government to boycott the conference. Signatories included Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel, former CIA chief James Woolsey and law professor Alan Dershowitz. The signatories called on Rice to announce a boycott of the conference, denouncing it as a platform for anti-Semitism "slated to encourage hatred of Israel and the U.S."


"This is another example of how a UN-sponsored conference to fight racism and xenophobia is about to become an arena for extreme political Israel-bashing, while ignoring areas in the world where racism, religious persecution and intolerance of foreigners, are rampant." ....

Was it anti-Semitic? How could it be anti-Semitic when the Arabs are Semites? It couldn't have been anti-Semitic. It wasn't anti-Jewish either. It was anti-false-Zionism. False-Zionism is anti-peace. It is militant. It is anti-Christ, because for one, it is militant. All things militant are anti-Christ by definition. Christ is the prince of peace and only peace. He is not Mars the false god — the god of war the militarists worship as one of their gods often along with mammon and various gods of unrestrained sex and other gods.

Let's see. Israel is an apartheid regime, obviously. False-Zionism is racist. Polls in Israel show that the vast majority of Israelites are ethnically bigoted. They say it themselves. They believe they are superior and all Arabs are inferior beings. Many Israelites believe that only Jews as only they defined Jews are even human beings. They believe they are a distinct race of beings — a different species. Well, with that attitude, Jesus called them serpents and the brood of Satan. That's apt. The holocaust was terrible, but we've seen that those who allege certain numbers refuse to allow historians to dig. We've seen official Polish numbers change by the millions. Also, there have been other terrible atrocities down through history. How many American Indians were exterminated during the European's invasion of the Americas? That doesn't lessen what was done to Jews. Also, Israel was "born in sin." Its founders used deliberate acts of terrorism including against Jews in order to wear down the British and the rest of the world. Those founders were designated as terrorists by the mainstream in the U.S. That was before so many Jews in the U.S. had hoarded up so much mammon that they subsequently used to buy often controlling interests in so many strategically placed corporations. The founders of the current state of Israel did execute their stated policy of transfer, which is a euphemism for ethnic cleansing of Arabs. It's a fact. The current policy of Israel toward the Palestinians is to commit genocide if the Israelis don't get their way that is all the land with the Palestinians moved out of the country. Why has the U.S. government taken such a mistaken position regarding all of this? In the final analysis, the reason is money.

Alan Dershowitz called for the creation of warrants to torture people. That's deranged. Yet these people are invoking his name as if he's a moral authority one should follow. There are issues concerning the others as well that I won't go into here though for the sake of time.

Racism, religious persecution, and intolerance of foreigners are rampant in Israel. The polls show the racism. The tactics show the racism. The results show the racism. Christians aren't allowed to proselytize. Telling people in Israel that they ought to believe in and follow Jesus is punishable by a five-year prison term. How's that for religious persecution. Why didn't the U.S. stand with Apartheid South Africa? Well, in fact it did under Ronald Reagan who was a known racist. It wasn't until the people turned up the pressure enough that the U.S. finally got around to boycotting the racism and fascism in South Africa. What's different about Israel? Half the population of New York City wasn't Afrikaner. The Afrikaners didn't have forty billionaires running major corporations. They hadn't been subjected to the Nazis, so there wasn't sympathy endlessly to play on asking everyone to look the other way while those who were tortured and executed do their own dirty work.

So, according to them, what I've just written makes me an anti-Semite. However, I'm not. No amount of calling me an anti-Semite will make me an anti-Semite. I stand totally against lumping people together according to DNA and labeling them as thereby deserving less or as being inherently inferior or any of the other things racists claim against whole ethnic and racial groups. No, racist and ethnic bigot applies more often to those who point and call out anti-Semite at anyone who says the Zionism of Jabotinsky is sheer evil, which it is, just as was Nazism. If they don't like hearing it, let them change from being it. The Nazis didn't like what was being said about them either and either did the Afrikaners. Well, most Germans and Afrikaners have come around to a better mentality and policy. It's time for the Israelis to also. That's the way of it. It's the truth: The whole truth. There's nothing false in it.

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