By Chris Hedges, Free Press.
Posted March 22, 2008.

From demonizing Muslims to believing we can use science for our own moral advancement, the New Atheists preach a dangerous faith.

The following is adapted from the new book by Chris Hedges, I Don't Believe in Atheists (Free Press, 2008).

I flew to Los Angeles in May of 2007 to [...]

RLCC Comment: Chris Hedges doesn't understand yet that there is another way entirely. Jesus calls us to perfection but not to wrath. He calls souls away from all harmful behavior, including homosexuality if they are in it. Chris needs to come to grips with this.

Chris also apparently rejects all the miracles in the New Testament. He has no faith in the feeding of the five thousand for example. That's a shame. He'll miss out. He seems to have bought into the materialists' teachings. Those materialists are the very atheists he's concerned about. Marx was the consummate materialist/atheist. Look at the Social Darwinism outcome with Lenin and Stalin.

That said, he does a good job of exposing the dangerous, elitist, ignorant, militant mentality of the leading voices of atheism. They need to be exposed for what they are. To be sure though, not all atheists follow these particularly prolific writers who are so heavily marketed by capitalist book publishers looking for selfish gain at the expense of the souls of the many. There are atheists who end up seeing the light and convert.

Chris is wrong that humanity isn't perfectible and isn't headed toward a greater moral awakening. The contrasts are becoming starker and starker so people will be able to choose. Surely Chris doesn't think that Jesus was simply wasting his time.

Link to source-webpage by Joe, obtained via: Liberty Abyss, March 22, 2008, 3:44pm

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