By Rebecca Lerner
Ithaca Times - Ithaca NY, April 2, 2008
Straight to the Source

Karen Strecker is bracing. She's about to turn on the faucet, and there's a chance liquid manure is going to stream from the spout. "I've been taking a bath and actually had cow sh_t pour into the tub,'' Strecker says, matter-of-factly. She uses well water. "It's nasty."

Yet the threat of a sewage bath pales in comparison to a more dangerous problem: Breathing poisonous fumes. After years living next to Willet Dairy, the largest industrial farm in the state, Strecker and her neighbors in Genoa are reporting the kinds of health problems eco-watchdogs lose sleep over, from blistering eyelids to brain damage. Manure is known to release gases that, in high concentrations, are linked to those scary symptoms.


RLCC Comment: God didn't design animals to be in factory farms. It's against nature and God.

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Organic Consumers Association News Headlines, April 3, 2008, 3:07pm

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