[The New York Times' reporter in Venezuela, Simon Romero,] and others like him in the mainstream, keep at their appointed mission - attacking the most model democracy in the region with a clear and purposeful aim - to destabilize, destroy and transform Venezuela into the alternate model Uribe represents: uncompromising hard right; hugely repressive; linked to Colombia's death squads and drug cartels; a supporter of state terrorism; a government riddled with corruption and scandal; and George Bush's favorite Latin America leader because of all of the above.


By Stephen Lendman

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RLCC Comment: It's true. The mainstream publications in the U.S. are negative propaganda mouthpieces for the ultra-rich and greedy who hate Hugo Chavez's desire to take care of the poor rather then further enrich the rich.

Link to source-webpage by Stephen Lendman, obtained via: Venezuela Analysis, April 3, 2008, 8:46am

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