The Christian Science Monitor - Abdullahi Ahmed an-Naim has seen what can happen to an Islamic reformer: His mentor was executed in 1985 in Sudan; he himself had to flee the country. Still, the self-described "Muslim heretic" has no trouble traveling the Islamic world spreading his controversial message:


"This is the struggle of our time, coming up with a modern interpretation of sharia that is true to Islamic principles but also to democratic values," he adds.

RLCC Comment: This is wrong. The Qur'an was delivered by Mohammed as his law. Islam is that. The law of the Old Testament Jews is what they claim is their holy scripture. The law of the New Testament Christians is every word and deed that came from Jesus speaking and showing God. To claim otherwise is as saying black is white.

There are people within each religion who want a strict, non-spiritual, literal interpretation. There are those who want a blurring so much so that in the end they aren't really truly different from any other religion. Then there are real Christians.

A real Christian wants to follow Jesus perfectly. Only by doing so will a soul regain oneness with God.

The Sufi Abdullahi Ahmed an-Naim wants to do to Islam what other such syncretists want to do to Christianity. It won't work.

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Yahoo! News: Religion News, April 2, 2008, 1:00am

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