AFP - Over 2,000 people have died or been injured by landmines littering the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Nations said Friday.

RLCC Comment: Landmines, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, white phosphorus, Agent Orange, hydrogen bombs, cobalt bombs, death rays.... People sit around thinking up new ways to kill more people most of whom are completely innocent. Then, they call themselves the good guys just because the other side does it too and they tell themselves they do it first. If they didn't, we wouldn't. We're just reacting. That's all just imagination in the minds of dupes and minions. The U.S. isn't just reacting to evil. The people who formed the U.S. weren't a bunch of saints. They weren't saintly. Just look at the way they treated the Indians, Mexicans, and the Blacks. Oh, and by the way, look at how they treated the Irish and the Jews and the Italians and the Chinese and the ....

This is not to judge and condemn anyone. Real Christians don't punish. Mercy and punishment are incompatible spirits. They are divided and irreconcilable. They are of different gods. Mercy and love are from God. Punishment is from Satan. This is an awakening.

So, the Anglo-Saxons (I'm Anglo-Saxon) who came to America were of mixed spirits. They still are. Confusion and ignorance still reign. They still don't know Jesus. They don't really know what he means or wants, because to truly know is to do it.

We still have the vast, vast majority running about claiming that there can be no negotiating or even communicating. The only thing to do is kill. The only thing to do is give the most sweeping definitions as possible to mark as many as possible for extermination. We must kill the Islamo-Fascists. All Iranians are Islamo-Fascists. We are not to talk to any of them, just kill them all off ASAP. That's not Christian. That's false-Zionist. It's sheer evil. It comes out of the evil stored up in the hearts of those promoting it.

You see, the Anglo-Saxons certainly aren't the only people who have within the set of their DNA group the seeds of the abomination of desolation. The Germans fit in too. Well, which ethnic group, which family, doesn't contain such? The only family that doesn't is the spiritual family that chooses Jesus's real teachings and not the twisted version of Constantine or any of the false-Christian Zionists, etc.

What's the world to do? It's to ban weapons in the heart of each and every soul. It's to adopt the exact opposite spirit in very truth. This is the truth, and it is been made more clear by virtue of the stark contrast between it and the lies of the war-mongers and other knowing and willing doers of harm.

The choice is being made more clear leading up to the inevitable separation of good from evil. Evil brings consequences upon those who do it and completely independent of human mundane actions. It devours. It will die out as humanity's enlightenment continues. Those left will be the elect, the anointed, the righteous, the unselfish, the peaceful.

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Yahoo! News: World - Africa, April 4, 2008, 1:08pm

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