I've been following a spat in Australia between unions over celebrating Israel's anniversary. See: "QUIT LYING ABOUT WHO IS LINING UP WITH HAMAS." Now, more of the details about the positions of one side (the false-Zionist side) have been put forth. The other side, the one that rightly believes the false-Zionists are nothing to celebrate, isn't being nearly as well covered in Australia or elsewhere. Here's the latest: "Israel sparks unions spat," by Naomi Levin. Australian Jewish News. April 7, 2008.

In that post, Israel's best foot is put forward while the horrendousness of its covetousness and racism are all but ignored (glossed over).

Let me say that just because Hamas and Fatah are anti-union and hold to other negative positions is no reason to turn around to celebrate false-Zionism (anti-peace). The false-Zionists moved into Palestine and threw Palestinians off their land and stole their houses. So what if they are more egalitarian within their false-Zionist family. Hitler didn't present his fellow Nazis with a bill after he fed them at his Eagle's Nest Retreat. That doesn't mean we should celebrate his birthday. Real trade unionists don't support anyone who throws people off land and takes over houses just because he wants that land and those houses for himself. It doesn't matter the other things that one does. Real trade unionists don't support him, period. They stand against him. They tell the truth. They don't sugarcoat his evil acts or ignore them.

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