"Judenrein Palestine," by Moshe Arens. Haaretz. April 7, 2008.

...Gush Katif and Gush Etzion were the only large settlement blocs beyond the Green Line, and the former exists no more. The architect of this settlement strategy was none other than Ariel Sharon, who for years urged the settlers to occupy each "hilltop."

And it was he who, as prime minister, so graciously received Talia Sasson in his office when she presented him her report proving that many of the outposts he had encouraged and authorized were illegal, something he must have been well aware of. Both of them must have been smiling to themselves at this meeting.

Of course Ariel Sharon knew it was illegal. He also knew it was immoral and covetous. He was creating "facts on the ground" to negotiate from that position. Then giving up anything would be giving up less than returning to the Green Line. It's just typical underhandedness from someone who couldn't be trusted any farther than he could be thrown.

Also, he left Gaza so he could attack it without fear of killing Jews living in Gaza. All that happened to that plan was Sharon was hit by a massive hemorrhagic stroke by the spirits.

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