The following are just some of the false assertions capitalists have made on this site.

  • America is the envy of the world.
  • Everyone wants to be like an American.
  • There are no soup lines in America.
  • Only capitalism can bring forth abundance.
  • Abundance is material possessions.
  • Externalities don't figure in determining what is abundance.
  • Jesus was not against money as a system.
  • Property belongs solely to the individual apart from God.
  • No one should enter into anyone else's labor.
  • Everything should be brought forth via private contracts.
  • The state is not the people.
  • Collectives always fail.
  • Capitalism is synonymous with freedom and liberty.
  • Collectivized states cause wars whereas capitalist states don't.
  • Everything should be privatized.
  • The state is evil accept when it fights for capitalism and against fraud.
  • Selfishness is required to survive.
  • Selfishness is not evil but rather the highest good.
  • Self-sacrificing nations are falling.
  • Capitalism is responsible for ending child labor and slavery.

Taking them quickly:

  • Americans are the happiest people in the world.
  • Recent polls have shown that people in Denmark poll happier than in the U.S. Of course, how one defines and measures happiness will determine the results. The pollsters though used the typical American conception of happiness.

  • The poor in America are better off than they have been anywhere else in the history of the world.
  • The poor are better off in the Scandinavian nations and France and other places where the economies are more mixed and regulated.

  • America is the envy of the world.
  • Those who are green with envy when they look at America usually use material possessions as the measure. They usually disregard the negatives that American materialism has caused the whole world.

  • Everyone wants to be like an American.
  • More people in the world dislike America than like it. They are aware that America represents only 6-7% of the world's population but has contributed to at least 25% of its global pollution and has used at least 25% of the world's natural resources so far.

    That is changing rapidly as the Chinese and Indians and Brazilians and others mistakenly follow the path of selfishness.

    Most people realize that the typical American is subjected to the mainstream American media that deceives them and that were the common American people privy to the truth about the American system, most would stand for radical change.

    Most people realize that America bullies (an understatement) other nations. Those in the know realize that George W. Bush threatened and bribed other nations to join in voting at the U.N. for attacking Iraq to expand the U.S. Empire to include the oil fields of Iraq.

  • There are no soup lines in America.
  • The alternative news has been full of information about the growing soup lines in America even running out of soup. That news is just beginning to hit the mainstream, because the corporatists can not continue to ignore it without becoming even more conspicuous as self-centered.

  • Only Capitalism can bring forth abundance.
  • If that's true then before there was capitalism, there was nothing and capitalism created the universe. However, before capitalism was Eden. The evils that beset humanity before the capitalism of what has been termed the Industrial Age also stemmed from selfishness. All evil is traceable to the spirit that is selfishness.

  • Abundance is material possessions.
  • True abundance is a net gain after everything has been taken into consideration. The pursuit of material possessions in the spirit of the so-called American Dream has not resulted in a net gain but a net liability. It has been the wrong way to go about things.

  • Externalities don't figure in determining what is abundance.
  • Externalities are the consequences of transactions. It is an arbitrary notion conceived by self-styled economists in an effort to obfuscate the negatives of capitalism. Capitalistic transactions have led to Super Fund clean-up sites, because the hyper selfish didn't care about the ill effects of dumping toxics. They just wanted theirs (material gain) at the time. Many of those responsible are now dead. They left behind the evil consequences of their selfishness. Capitalists continue acting in that same spirit. They haven't changed and never will. The only thing that will happen is that people will change away from the evil, selfish, capitalist spirit becoming non-capitalists.

  • Jesus was not against money as a system.
  • Jesus said that his Father's house is not a house of commerce, which is trade (holding out for recompense). He also made clear that his Father's house (also my Father) is not isolated to some geographical spot or spots, such as the Temple in Jerusalem and in the sense meant by those calling themselves literalists (a misnomer), but is wherever God dwells in hearts. Therefore, there is to be no commerce or trade or capitalism in the heart of anyone if humanity is to be about doing only what is right. What is supposed to be there is the spirit of giving and sharing. Trade is the spirit of holding out for selfish desires. It does not hold the interest of the brother or sister as high as the self interest. It doesn't understand that the highest interest is the interest of all. It doesn't properly define the self. It doesn't teach what is best and right. It is the wrong place to enter that leads down the wrong path and to ultimate ruin and desolation.

  • Property belongs solely to the individual apart from God.
  • Property exists before we enter into this plane of existence. The Earth was here before each of us was born as the flesh we are. God did not present each of us with a bill or ask us to pay for a ticket or whatever to enter. The Earth, the whole of it, is the rightful and equal inheritance of every child born. No one has more right to it than another. The selfish create false laws granting themselves authority by virtue of their willingness to stoop to violence to bully their way into such a position. That process violates the first law that is the law of equal inheritance. When people keep to the first and real law, then they keep to the Golden Rule and real abundance manifests. When humanity mostly violates the real law, then greater and greater negativity enters in and there is more and more net loss and manufactured scarcity of really good matter.

    This is why the capitalists have been and are accelerating bringing forth garbage they wrongfully call food. It is why the poor in America are often so obese and getting sick and dying younger than the rich. They are consuming the cheap, fattening, chemical concoctions put on the market by the selfish hearted (evil).

    If you are middle class or poor, your children have as much right to the land as do the children of the rich. The rich stole the Commons by violent force.

  • No one should enter into anyone else's labor.
  • Jesus said that Christians are to enter into each other's labor just as he came to sow and to reap. He reaped what prophets before had sown and he sowed what Christians who came after have reaped and are to continue reaping. That process is far from over.

    Christians are to come together to synergistically do all the things Jesus called for. Those things are clearly stated in the New Testament. We are to give and share endlessly until all evil is displaced. We are to do that without wrath, vengeance, violence, or bitterness.

    It doesn't mean we are not to hate evil. We are to hate evil. One can not love righteousness without hating evil. Jesus hated and still hates evil.

  • Everything should be brought forth via private contracts.
  • The capitalists differentiate the state from God. To have as our government (the method by which we are organized) be apart from God is to be governed by the opposite of the Golden Rule and the New Commandment. It is absolute error. Nothing ultimately good has come of it or ever will. The best way to be governed is by God in the heart as the emotional base. Then thinking, speaking, and acting will likewise be best. The result will be for the best.

  • The state is not the people.
  • The problem the pure capitalists have with the current state is that it is coercive. It is the tyranny of the majority. Of course, those in the know realize that the government of the U.S. hardly does what the majority wants.

    The state or government of the U.S. is smoke and mirrors. It is hypocritical and convoluted.

    The separation of powers and the checks and balances and so forth are all a house of cards. The house is divided in spirit, and no amount of conjuring will hold it together. It shouldn't be together. Those of the unselfish spirit should not be under the selfish-hearted. It's unenlightened. It's backwards. It's upside down. The wrong souls and spirits are leading. Jesus stated it plainly and clearly for those who will comprehend his parables, sermons, sayings, and deeds.

  • Collectives always fail.
  • Collectives are attacked by the greedy. They don't always fail. Many collectives have been functioning very well for decade after decade. I have listed some on this site. (The Christian Commons Project™.)

    The Radical Reformationists were violently persecuted, even the pacifists (many were so; most remain so). They have been misdefined by the enemies of the Commons. The enemies of the Commons were the violent and greedy feudal warlords who called themselves nobility and who created serfdom under which the people still live in capitalism.

    When the True Levellers tried to regain the Commons to work the land that had been stolen so they, the True Levellers and Diggers, could feed the hungry people and live in peace, they were violently crushed by the greedy souls who are the spiritual ancestors of today's capitalists.

    The capitalists just repeat as a Big Lie the state that collectives always fail. A big lie is a lie that is told over and over in the hopes that it will just end up being taken for granted as truth. There are variations on this evil theme of course.

  • Capitalism is synonymous with freedom and liberty.
  • Capitalism is in the end coercive. It can not survive where the people are left to freely choose between giving and sharing on one hand and greed on the other. Capitalism is always backed by force to stop others from collectivizing. It always works as hard as it can to isolate, marginalize, censor, demonize, twist, and distort everything it can about community property. It buys up all the media it can to control everything that goes into the minds of those who consume that media. If there is no other source of information for the people, if they are raised on the lies, they won't know any better. They will be the dupes and minions of the greediest of the greedy, which is by and large the case in the U.S.

    Fortunately, that's changing. The war-mongers, torturers, liars, imperialists, and their ilk have been hugely exposed.

  • Collectivized states cause wars whereas capitalist states don't.
  • Capitalists have gone all about the world violently forcing open markets as if the indigenous people didn't have a system that was often properly providing. I listed some in a very recent post. Japan, China, the remnant of the Spanish Empire, Hawaii, and Central America, are just a few of the places the U.S. used violence and threats of violence to pry open and take over at the time. Those capitalists have ruined some extremely balanced and clean eco systems where farmers were living in harmony with things such that their labors resulted in zero pollution therefore harming no one.

    Where the capitalists haven't started out-right war, they have worked covertly to spread lies and threats. They have bribed and assassinated and trained and supplied torturers and death squads and committed false-flag operations and more. History is replete with the facts of all of this. It is documented on this website. However, much of it is censored from the school textbooks that are controlled by the capitalists.

    Have false socialists reacted in kind and committed similar atrocities? Yes. Have all those claiming socialism done so or advocated doing so? No.

  • Everything should be privatized.
  • The exact opposite is the case, but it should be voluntarily so. "Everyone under his own fig tree" results from everyone owning all the fig trees together. The problem with community property has not been in community property, per se, but in those who come along and subvert the real common ownership to their own selfish interests.

    Stalin is a prime example. He was an egoist. He wasn't about the giving and sharing Jesus taught and lived and still does. Anyone ought to be able to see that. Stalin destroyed the true spirit of unity. He doesn't represent the opposite of privatization at all. His was what they term state capitalism. The state was divorced by Stalin from the grassroots.

    The capitalists want sunshine to be a commodity they come to control and for which they charge others. They want this for water and air. They have already started on the fresh water. They are also pushing to parcel out the oceans between and amongst the rich. Of course, they've grabbed almost all the land and are trying to convince the poorer nations to set up capitalists style "official" land titles so they may finish grabbing the entire Earth. They are using tax dollars to fund space exploration, but once the early heavy lifting has been done, they'll insist upon land titles and property rights for every bit of the material universe. They want to put borders on the Moon and Mars just as they have them here. That way, they can charge all their brothers and sisters or those brothers and sisters can just starve if they want to be unselfish.

  • The state is evil accept when it fights for capitalism and against fraud.
  • No capitalist can properly draw the line on what does or doesn't constitute fraud. As stated above, the whole Earth and existence really is the rightful inheritance of each and all. Only thieves subvert that and defraud others out of their inheritance. It is also hyper hypocrisy to claim that freedom results from militarily forcing others to live under capitalism. They aren't free to contract with each other to live collectively. There are capitalist laws in places against such collectivizing and even against aiding people in need in public places. Where's the free choice that the capitalists laud in their system?

    When a nation votes for more common ownership, the capitalists threaten and seek to intimidate and overthrow the will of the people. The only outcome of voting they will recognize is in favor of capitalism. That's hypocritical.

  • Capitalism is responsible for ending child labor and slavery.
  • Capitalists employed children under miserable conditions in the U.S. They used them as expendable, replaceable tools for the capitalists' private accumulation of what they falsely define as wealth. This still goes on in the world of course, since capitalism is nearly global.

    The antithesis of the selfish spirit of capitalism was responsible for the laws against inappropriate child labor and against slavery. For capitalists to take credit away from the likes of the Quakers in the U.S. is fraudulent, and according to the capitalists, the state should rightly move in and crush the capitalists for spreading such fraudulent stories about the abolitionists in the capitalists' attempt to sell the people a phony bill of goods.

    Are you able to see the serpent's temptation in all of what the capitalists have been pushing? Do you understand that the pushers of addictive drugs are capitalists? Do you see that those who traffic in human (mostly children) sex slaves are capitalists? Do you comprehend that capitalists are the pushers of pornography and do the vast majority of the spamming on the internet in emails and comments on sites.

    For those who don't run blogs with open comments, most major blogs get a huge volume of spam comments each day from those trying to sell sex drugs. You know who did the tempting in the garden to cause them there to fall. Whether you take the story as literal or figurative, the point remains. The capitalists push temptation for selfish gain that is in the end negative all the way around (a net loss). They are ignorant about who constitutes self. When one harms a child of God, one offends the self of God.

    Do you know that the black-market weapons industry is controlled by the capitalists? Are you aware that the money-launderers are the top world bankers who make even more money by covering the tracks of the most evil people on the planet, including themselves?

    Do you know that the currency of the U.S. is privatized so that each citizen's taxes go to paying interest to the private "national" bank whose private owners make all those hundreds of billions just for telling the U.S. treasury to print the private bankers' notes? Why do the people have to pay interest on the printing of the currency that could just as easily be printed interest free by the people who by rights are the government?

    The Federal Reserve Act was rammed through Congress in a stealthy fashion before the people knew what hit them. Ever since, the true nature of the deal (including the federal income tax scheme) has been obscured and twisted by the capitalists.

    Understand also that everyone calling himself a capitalist isn't. A capitalist isn't someone who simply says he or she agrees with the capitalists system. A capitalist is someone who owns the means of production. If you just go to work each day for some company in which you don't have ownership with a real say, you are not a capitalist. You just work under one or more.

    Do you see that the imperialists are just self-glorified pirates and gangsters? Nations become empires by conquests. That's the story history tells you. All empires in history have been built upon greedy, violent conquest. The U.S. has been no exception to this rule. The U.S. attacked Iraq to extend capitalist empire. It did not attack Iraq for the reasons stated by George W. Bush. He lied and is still lying to date.

    The message of Jesus Christ is that all of that will be overturned when humanity becomes truly enlightened and not before. Then and only then will the empire of humanity be the opposite of selfishness, greed, violence, and depravity that is harm including in all things sexual.

    There are others things they have alleged as well that are all equally ridiculous as their statements completely refuted above. They have said that capitalism is responsible for ending racism. They've also said that all the environmentalism over the last several decades has been misguided, based on falsehoods, and would have been better handled by just letting the capitalists do whatever they were moved to do in reaction to their own results (damaging errors).

    Well, truth be told, that's exactly what Jesus advocates. Warn them, and then let them follow each other over the edge and into the ditch. Don't try to force them to do what is right, which is always unselfish. Let them learn that survival is more then surviving temporarily via their philosophy of falsehood. Let them find out that there is spirit beyond the flesh. Bless them and pray for them, but don't force them. The moment you do, you've lost it too.

    Does anyone have any more examples of antichrist, capitalist falsehoods?


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    • It's not freedom of religion if they tax it.

    And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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