Here is a constructive criticism for Walberg, whose analysis ('Political poison' 3-9 April) I basically agree with. He writes: "All this is in fact an eerie replay of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt's argument about the Israeli lobby in the US, whose core is American Jews who make a significant effort in their daily lives to bend US policy so that it furthers Israel's interests."

To say "American Jews" really is to confuse people about who the enemy is. Yes, the Jewish community as an organised force. But look closer, and see how essential the class factors are in making this "community a force". Especially note the Jewish capitalists, mostly billionaires, whose cash greases the wheels of this powerful lobby. Check out the political connections of Saban, Adelson, and Steinhardt, to mention just a few. I don't know how much it's their love for Israel or fondness for profit that motivates them. But the facts show that, in addition to being mega donors to the political parties, they finance the media and organisations that marginalise public expression of the Palestinian cause.

Of course the fact that these rich Jewish capitalists act in this way doesn't negate the fact that there are progressive anti-Zionist Jews. But in bourgeois society money talks. The presence of the Jewish finance capitalist in the mix makes the crucial difference. The problem about forgetting about this class and material cause of Zionism in America, (perhaps Canada too), is to paint an incomplete picture of just who our opponents are. I think including a description of the class structure in analysis of the Zionist forces is vital.

John Jay
Al-Ahram Weekly

No matter what, don't turn violent about it or call for violence but rather peace.

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