AP - For 46 years, crime, recessions and hurricanes proved no threat to the daily ritual of St. Monica School, where the entire blue-and-white uniformed student body gathered outside each morning to join in prayer.


About 1,267 Catholic schools have closed since 2000 and enrollment nationwide has dropped by 382,125 students, or 14 percent, according to the National Catholic Education Association. The problem is most apparent in inner cities, in schools like St. Monica [elementary schools] with large concentrations of minorities whose parents often struggle to pay tuition rather than send them to failing public schools.


The recent economic downturn is being blamed for some of them, but McDonald said dioceses' huge payouts to settle sex abuse lawsuits could have played a role too.


"We have no direct correlation," she said, "but as the dioceses have gone into financial debt the funds to subsidize these schools would be diminished."


RLCC Comment: They should have done more earlier about the pedophilia. This is cause and effect. They are going down, because their Popes protected pedophiles. Frankly, at the rate their Popes have shielded and even promoted those who so grossly mishandled the issue, they can't feel very confident that their Popes and Cardinals have all been free of pedophilia.

When I say protected and shielded, I don't mean as from a lynch mob. I mean aid in a gross cover-up even in the face of parishioners doing exactly what Jesus said they should do and that's bring it out to the whole body of the church.

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Yahoo! News: U.S. News, April 12, 2008, 2:02pm

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