The Hip-Hop scene, not all of it but most of it (its roots), complains and complains about others, much of it with justification. However, many of them drive around bothering other people who aren't harming them and don't want to. They play their super subwoofers to thud and bother others (all others), to disturb the peace, ruining that for all others. It's abusive. They are being abusers. It's mean-spirited, evil, and ignorant on a certain level.

If those hip-hop people are so great, if they think they are better than those about whom they complain, why do they abuse others, including the innocent, with their subwoofers? They're hypocrites. They complain and then do that which others are completely justified in complaining about. The hip-hop subwoofer people don't practice the Golden Rule. They violate it. They aren't the only ones doing that of course, but they are highly conspicuous on purpose, which makes them particularly offensive and disrespectful.

Another group that fits this exactly is comprised of those with little to no muffling of their exhaust systems on their vehicles. I don't mean those whose exhaust is broken and who can't instantly afford repairs. I mean the ones who spend lots of money (waste it) to have vehicles that run fast and loud. They too are being deliberately and conspicuously aggressive and hostile. Ironically, many of them are very loud complainers about the selfishness of others. These too are being completely hypocritical. They too knowingly fail to practice the Golden Rule.

Why do so many people have to adhere to vehicle-emission testing requirements before being allowed to register vehicles or renew vehicle registrations? Those who campaigned for public office, who were hopefully elected fairly, passed laws wanted by the vast majority requiring such emission procedures in order to cut back on at least certain forms of unhealthy air pollutants. Don't they hear the noise from trucks, cars, and motorcycles, etc., that doesn't need to be and that harms the health of all?

I have no doubt that scientific studies will show the louder and longer subwoofer and exhaust-noise exposure, the more damage. The cells of the body are being severely vibrated at unhealthy frequencies and levels.

Does it cause cancer or heart disease and/or other problems over the long haul? I'm positive it results in diseases, as it comes from disease that is the fractured soul of selfishness.

Noise pollution (along with air pollution and light pollution) has been directly linked to stress-related diseases and even a lowering of the IQ's of children growing up in such environments. It's just commonsense.

If the lawmakers aren't going to educate people out of being harmful, then the least they can do is use the authority they believe they've been given to reduce the harm they understand and can readily hear rather than to allow it to continue unabated. It's the lesser of evils.

The air is, so far, a Commons as God intended and wants it to remain. It will remain that way unless hyper-capitalists have their way and turn all air into a commodity to meter and charge others to make selfish, private negative gain (financial profits). Everyone breathes the Common air as part of the mundane-flesh-life process. It is unfair for some to pollute that Commons. Therefore, lawmakers coerce the selfish into doing less harm to the Commons and hence to other souls including the lawmakers and their offspring and other relatives.

Well, if one believes in such a coercive form of government, which is the one ostensibly controlling the United States, then why hasn't the same mentality that has curbed the rate of increase in certain air pollutants and in many cases even reversed pollution levels, which has benefited the health and safety of all who breathe the common air, why hasn't that same mentality been applied to noise pollution from subwoofers and exhaust systems?

Exhaust-system noise levels could just as easily be monitored as other emissions. There are devices placed along roads to measure vehicle speeds and pollution emissions, why aren't there portable sound-level (decibel) monitors? No doubt some enterprising businesses have such devices ready for shipment. If the system can photograph a speeding or particulate-polluting vehicle capturing its license plate as a digital image for evidence and to ticket the violator, it can capture the plates of noise polluters too.

Regardless, let us all pray that such noise polluters (who aren't even under some mitigating excuse of "working" while disturbing the peace by making noise) receive the spirit of the Golden Rule (divine law) into their hearts and turn away from the violent, abusive, inconsiderate spirit.

Personally, I'm not for using coercive measures. It's unchristian — antichrist. I would rather the noise makers just develop a working conscience — brains. The least the system could do is issue warning tickets rather than just fine first-time offenders. Repeat violators are the major problem.

Those who make the error because they are so carried away down the wrong path of thoughtlessness often just haven't ever been asked to slowed down long enough to consider the bigger picture that will come back to haunt them if they aren't told or don't heed once told. Their parents often weren't raised that way themselves.

Many come from broken homes. Many have been shuffled from foster home to foster home, where often there is added abuse by those who are foster parents for selfish reasons rather than genuine concern for youth.

Most young people can comprehend though where adults take the time properly to explain the cause and effect of it all. Most young people really want to do the right thing. Some are really stuck though with the selfish spirit having its claws dug way into them. They were more predisposed to this and/or under went more abuse earlier or are undergoing it still.

The brain matter of teenagers is especially undergoing rapid changes during which they need extra supervision (kind supervision) when they sometimes falsely imagine they want none of it. They need fulltime occupation of their time in wholesome, helpful, stimulating (even stimulating peacefulness), non-aggressive, less competitive, more cooperative pursuits.

They also need lots of sleep — and to sleep in longer than little kids and adults (who themselves are also mostly sleep deprived).

This will all help to form their young minds into adult minds conducive to working out problems intelligently rather than belligerently (violently), through wars and the like.

I live in the town (small city) of Burien, Washington. The city government has spent a great deal of time, energy, and money on road improvements, constructing a civic center, improving parks, cleaning up pollution, and doing other things considered in the main as civically responsible and beneficial. They can use their positions to pass civil ordinances concerning vehicular noise pollution just as easily to raise the overall quality of life of everyone who lives in and visits Burien.

They could conduct research and educate the public. They could conduct a poll of the citizenry before moving further on legislation. They could conduct open hearings. There are many things they could do in this regard all of which would heighten public awareness and concern about general thoughtfulness and overall quality of life.

Burien has a moderately busy freeway running through it with interchanges. It also directly borders the busy (sometimes very loud) international airport serving the larger cities of Seattle and Tacoma. There is lots of noise in Burien relative to its size. Reducing vehicular noise from inadequately muffled exhaust systems and from subwoofer use would greatly help all the way around.



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