If the capitalists are right that all socialist states fail because socialism (sharing all) is inherently flawed (will fail without outside pressure), why do the capitalists level economic sanctions against many socialist-leaning states even though those states meet the so-called capitalist-democracies' criteria for free and fair elections and don't invade their neighbors unprovoked? Why haven't all the socialist-leaning states, such as the Scandinavian states, failed (they will though if they continue down the path of greater capitalism)? The answer is clear.

The capitalists don't believe their own propaganda they repeat ad nauseam as the Big Lie that clearly it is.

A Big Lie is a statement that distorts the truth and is repeated over and over to drill the falsehood into the minds of others to get them not to think but to rather just have a negative automatic reflects response toward the truth. It's conditioning. It's hypnosis. Break the spell, the trance, the power of falsehood over your mind.

Tell the capitalist that you know they lie about sharing and the Commons. They stole the Commons from the whole people. They did it by violence. They didn't do it by convincing the people that the Commons was evil or that the people couldn't take good care of their Commons. They weren't abusing their Commons. The greedy, violent, and depraved (evil, dark-hearted, unenlightened, hardhearted ones) simply came in and took it away for themselves. It's exactly what George W. Bush has done with the oil under Iraq.

After the invasion by the U.S., that was supposedly to bring democracy to Iraq, the Iraqis democratically drafted a sharing (socialist; nationalized oil) constitution. The U.S. ripped up the draft and then totally undemocratically (dictatorially) rammed a neoliberal (selfish; anti-sharing; privatized) constitution down the throats of the Iraqis.

The U.S. denied the Iraqis a democracy rather than giving them one. The neocons did that solely for the sakes of capitalists outside Iraq. They did it literally to steal by force of arms all the oil under Iraq.

If you don't realize that that was and is evil, your moral compass is broken. You better purchase a new one.

The capitalists and neocons don't believe that a sharing economy, an economy that respects the Commons, is inherently flawed. They believe that they must tell lies about the Commons to mislead others.

The Commons existed forever before the capitalists came along. The Commons wasn't spoiled because it is the nature of all people to break the code of honor. The Commons was spoiled by those (the lying selfish ones) who broke with the nature or spirit of honor. They were and are shameful.

They believe that they must apply sanctions to cause sharing to fail by surrounding sharing to cut it off from the rest. It's Satan, whether you view Satan as some being in red with a tail, horns, and cloven feet or whatever or view Satan as an emotional state of being (spirit). They believe that they must go into those sharing economies (including domestically) to do everything they can get away with to undermine and ruin the efforts of those who are honorable and want to share and will and do.

Whose side are you on concerning this? I'm definitely not with the capitalists. I'm not with those who claim that the sharing spirit can be forced into others either though.

Understand that capitalists are not those who simply have fallen for the capitalist line and who just work for those who own the means of production. Those may be capitalists want-to-be's, but they aren't capitalists, because they don't own the means of production to make personal, private, special, negative profit off others.

The major capitalists (multi-multi-billionaires) set the rules in capitalist states. They cause assassinations and false-flag operations and all manner of overt and covert things against socialists and Christians, such as espionage, sabotage, and internal rumors and squabbles, etc.

They use the power of the state to do this — the CIA and FBI, and they use the mainstream corporate media they own and operate.

The state does not belong to the whole of the people in the U.S. It belongs to the plutocrats who have wrongfully stolen it from the whole of the people. They stole it via cheating to get their Acts through the so-called legal process. They cheated to get the Federal Reserve Act passed and they cheated to get the federal income tax through to complete their Federal Reserve Act scheme.

It was the robber barons who rammed through the Federal Reserve Act. Let's repeat that here three times to help break the spell.

It was the robber barons who rammed through the Federal Reserve Act.
It was the robber barons who rammed through the Federal Reserve Act.
It was the robber barons who rammed through the Federal Reserve Act.

Drill that truth into your mind. Make it stick there so that no one will ever be able to trick you again into thinking that the Federal Reserve is of, by, or for the people.

It was not legislation that came out of unselfish hearts but rather the greediest of the greedy (capitalists).

They do whatever they can to turn people to selfishness so they, the major capitalists, can get even more material possession and money, power, and control.

Just look at the current situation. The Federal Reserve knew full well that the subprime scheme was just that. They knew it was a Ponzi scheme. Did they sound the alarm? No they did not. They milked it as long as possible so the richest of the rich would just end up with more share of the depleting pie, including via more tax-breaks and bailouts for them and less and less for the poor.

They do that not for anyone else's sake, not to bring forth abundance for others, but for small-self first and foremost that doesn't even result in real abundance for anyone including themselves.

Real abundance is a net gain after everything has been taken into account. The way the capitalists define and measure abundance is false. Their "abundance" isn't real abundance. It doesn't measure all the harm their system causes (pollution, disease, climate change, depletion, etc.). It deliberately ignores the full picture. All their invisible, self-regulating market, selfish talk comes out from the false spirit. They are misled and misleading.

The worst offenders do it exclusively for small-self (that is self apart from the whole who is God — all with the spirit that is God dwelling within).

What about the invisible hand, why doesn't it work with the evil-hearted ones? That's easy to answer. They're going to die and they know it. They want theirs now and they don't give a damn about posterity. Let subsequent generations worry about the mess left behind. They want to live high off the hog while there is a hog. They don't believe in the afterlife. They don't believe in God. They think they can act with eternal impunity. They believe everyone who believes in God is duped. They believe might makes right and cheating is right, just don't get caught at it or if you do, just makes sure you're in a dictatorial position.

Upon being elected, George W. Bush said where reporters clearly heard him that now he was not accountable to anyone. He's acted that way ever since. He believed Richard Nixon, when Nixon said that when the President does it, it means it's legal. Of course, Nixon faced impeachment for carrying that out and resigned. That was back then though. Times have obviously changed and not for the better in that regard.

What do the socialists think about all of this? Let's hear from some of them for a change rather than always hearing so much from their enemies — the enemies of the general welfare who call themselves objectivists and libertarian- and anarcho-capitalists. Add comments below.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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