...three decisions by the European Court of Justice are an attack on fundamental democratic rights and social gains. They clearly show the character of the EU and the European institutions. A completely undemocratic body—full of unelected judges—makes decisions that limit the right to strike and push through "wage dumping," which exclusively serve to boost the profits of the European financial elite.


...The EU institutions were created by the European governments, and the judges of the European Court of Justice are appointed by the national governments—without parliamentary approval.

For years, particularly in the west of Europe, governments have met with resistance to their efforts to destroy the existing social welfare systems in the interests of finance capital and big business. This is why they hide behind the European institutions and devolve ever more tasks to the European Union, so that it is the EU that organizes the destruction of social conditions, creating the conditions for the big corporations to utilise the cheap wages in Eastern Europe and to lower wages in the West.

The function of the institutions such as the European Court is to enable the political and economic elite of Europe to implement their interests against those of working people. ....

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: World Socialist Web Site, April 13, 2008, 8:42pm

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