A pivotal factor in India's agricultural crisis is the growth in marginal land-holdings. In 1960 there were 51 million separate landholdings, covering 131 million hectares. By 2003 the number of landholdings had virtually doubled, to 101 million, while the total amount of land under cultivation had fall[en] to just 108 million hectares.

Since 2003, the amount of cultivated land has declined still further as India's central and state governments seize agricultural land for use by domestic and international corporations in the form of special economic zones. West Bengal's Left Front government has been in the forefront of this process, using police and goon attacks at Nandigram, which resulted in more than 20 deaths, to crush peasant resistance to land expropriation.


Link to source-webpage, obtained via: World Socialist Web Site, April 13, 2008, 8:42pm

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