Hello to you, who call yourself, "Christian Prophet,"

You write, "Government Socialism Is Not Christian Charity." Of course, it depends upon how one has defined "government." The government of God is Christian charity. If you define government as what now dominates the world, then you are right. It is important to make and state the distinction. Also, socialism is a term that has been twisted by capitalists and Marxists over the decades so that the general population now automatically thinks Marxism when it thinks socialism, which is an error. There were many socialists who did not agree with Marx. There were many socialists who were opposed to coercion. There were many who called themselves Christian socialists, which when understood as many of them understood what they meant by that, was not inconsistent. Violent people took over the movement by force.

You write of socialism as synonymous with Marxism and coercion. That is an error. You need to qualify your statements and to define your terms rather than blurring unlike things together.

As for Karl Marx's "10 policy programs," certain of them adopted voluntarily are not inconsistent with Christianity. All property is God's. All Christians are to be one with God. All Christians are to share as Jesus shares all with God, which is what Jesus said. All is the rightful inheritance of all. The selfish, greedy, violent ones have changed the world from righteousness to following the evil rules and scheme they have devised from the treasure in their hearts (materialism only). Currently, the U.S. currency is in the hands of a private monopoly (Plutocrats). Let us also be sure to define the "state" as having various forms one of which, the real one, is God's kingdom on Earth. Free education is not antichrist. Neither is the abolition (voluntary) of dangerous and negatively exploitative child labor.

Your post discusses Marxist atrocities to the exclusion of discussing capitalist atrocities. Is that because you go into capitalist atrocities elsewhere on your site, or is it because you have a one-sided agenda to steer people away from the knowledge of the brutal history of laissez faire capitalism?

You write, "...their [Marxist] programs have severely limited the natural expression of the inventive and creative spirit of hundreds of millions of people, resulting in countries all over the world stuck in chronic unemployment, shortages of goods and services, and severly [sic] limited freedom and opportunity. They have "killed" the spirit, so to speak."

You don't mention the economic sanctions that have been used to surround and cut off people from freely trading. You don't mention the massive harm (including often death and starvation of even little children) that such capitalist sanctions have caused. Why do you fail to mention that? Do you discuss such things elsewhere on your site? Do you condemn such antichrist sanctions elsewhere as vehemently as you condemn Marxist harm?

I do on my site.

You also don't mention the sharing endeavors of many that have not led to chronic unemployment and shortages of goods and services. Many more sharing societies suffer less of these things than do the "let do" capitalist societies. In fact, many societies more sharing-leaning have less unemployment and shortages than does the U.S. with its recent fad of laissez faire capitalism. We now see what the movement to letting the capitalists do what they want without even speaking out against it has brought forth.

You ignore the groups of Christians such as the Hutterites. They live more as the original Christians. There are tens of thousands of them. Most of the problems they suffer come from outside their communities. I'm not saying they are perfect, but much of what they are doing ought to be adopted by the mainstream.

Your position suggests that only a selfish spirit is the spirit that can bring forth. So God is selfish in your view? You ignore what the laissez faire capitalists term externalities. Capitalist transactions, being based upon the spirit of "what's in it for me," brings forth a net loss when all things have been factored in. That's why it leads to more and more devouring and less and less real abundance. It leads to scarcity — manufactured scarcity. You need to do soul searching on this point especially.

You also write, "All of the misery created over the last hundred and fifty years by socialist ideas stems from one single anti-Christian idea popularized by Karl Marx and his followers: you are a victim of the world you see."

Please tell the truth. Jesus was victimized, or don't you think so? He was victimized by the world he saw around him. He knew the higher path would lift him up and out.

You are denying that people oppress people. You are denying that there are oppressed people in the world. You are saying that belief that there are people oppressing others and that there are oppressed people is an invented illusion.

You wrote, "Once you believe you are a victim of the world around you, you are likely to invent illusions of being oppressed or seeing an oppressed people, as Barack Obama and his church have done."

Your position is not Christian. It's falsehood. There are oppressors. There are the oppressed. You are shilling for the plutocrats whether you know it or not.

I don't hold with all things Obama, but he is correct when he holds with the statement that says, "God ... is not pleased with America's economic mal-distribution!" Why do you think Jesus said that to be perfect, one must give all, thereby retaining no private, personal property but rather understanding that even the clothes on one's back are God's and God is one with all who are one with God?

You are failing to comprehend the state of oneness that is the real Christians spirit.

You have been and remain brainwashed by capitalist, who are never Christians. There is no such thing as a capitalist Christian. The two are incompatible. There are Christians stuck in the capitalist world, just as Jesus was in the world ruled by those who worship Satan without many of them even realizing it. Those Christians though don't want the capitalist world to continue being the rule.

The material world and the spiritual world will conflate. The New Heaven and New Earth are one. Jesus fed the people real food for both body and soul, or don't you think so? The material world is in a state of corruption.

You speak of "free markets" without remembering that Jesus said that his Father's house is not to be a house of commerce. We are all to share. We are not to hold out in trade for recompense. You are missing the fundamentals of Christianity. You equate freedom with not being coerced into sharing. You are failing to see what is enslavement in choosing not to share.

When someone chooses capitalism, he isn't choosing freedom. He's choosing the very commerce Jesus said is not to be in the house. Where is the house? What is it to encompass? Jesus made clear that the place we are to worship is not to be confined to the Temple building in Jerusalem that he correctly prophesied would be leveled. He made clear that God dwells within, wherever we are. The temple is within. Therefore, how may we have a heart for commerce rather than always sharing? We are not to divide our vision between mammon and God. We are to be with a single vision focused on God, not money.

Have you never consider these things before? Now that they have been presented to you, do you love the truth?

You say there is not mal-distribution. Do you believe there is nothing wrong with the few living as billionaires while many are being turned away from soup lines for lack of even soup? Do you believe that all those poor people are unwilling to help — lazy? Many have begged for work. Where is it? "Mal" is a prefix meaning "bad." I say the situation is bad. You say it isn't. I say you are putting bitter for sweet. I say you are spreading falsehood.

You say, "Jesus doesn't care, as Barack Obama does, if some people have more and some people have less." Hogwash! Lie!

I say, Jesus says, when you've fed those with the least, you have fed Jesus. I say that when you take the line that it is not a collective responsibility of Christians to feed the lambs and sheep of Jesus Christ, you are preaching an antichrist position.

You write, "In his modern revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, Jesus Christ thoroughly reinforces his teaching that the material world means nothing...." Are you alleging that Jesus wrote this thing you call, "A Course in Miracles"?

Jesus did not write it!

Who told you Jesus wrote that? Anyone who told you that is wrong and probably lying intentionally.

We are to feed his lambs and sheep in both body and spirit. With sufficient faith, there can be feedings as with the feeding of the five thousand, but where there is not such faith, we remain obligated as Jesus said to bring forth for flesh bodies, which are the temporal vessels of living spirits and souls. Do you dispute this?

I see that you are a Mormon. You hold that Joseph Smith found golden tablets (or whatever you want to call them) with a story that is now the Book of Mormon. Wake up! Joseph Smith found no such tablets. The so-call history, or perhaps you'd call it prehistory, of the Americas never happened. It was all made up. If you believe Joseph Smith, you believe a lie and will be more disposed to being further misled.

May God bless you with the whole truth.

Tom Usher

P.S. Are you afraid of allowing comments on your site?

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