We don't know how many lives torture has saved, but all of us know how many lives torture has taken, because we know that much of the information that started this war was gotten through coerced information, and we know that much of the war—the threat this war was prosecuted by was done through coerced information. It was the torture of [Ibn] al-Shaykh al-Libi who told us that it was Saddam Hussein who was training al-Qaeda in biological and chemical weapons, a claim that the Pentagon yesterday finally confirmed was utterly false. Well, that went into the President's speech in October 2002 and was part of the main justification that took us to war. Every American military death in this war, every civilian death, every limb and leg that was lost was a life that torture took. — Darius Rejali.

"Torture and Democracy: Scholar Darius Rejali Details the History and Scope of Modern Torture." Ddemocracy Now! March 12, 2008.

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