AFP - The five members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany and the EU, held talks here on Wednesday on Iran's nuclear programme, amid calls for strengthened sanctions against Tehran.


"The Iranian government continues to be in violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions and with each step it takes it continues to isolate its people and risk further international financial and diplomatic sanctions," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner issued a similar warning, saying the international community must consider "reinforced" sanctions if Iran does not respond to concerns about its nuclear work.

RLCC Comment: Why is Iran singled out? There are many nuclear nations. Why don't they all disarm? Why are some nations being allowed to have and to develop nuclear power but not Iran? What is it about Iran that it in particular is being threatened by the U.S.? What did Iran do that the U.S. is treating it this way?

It overthrew the U.S. puppet dictator. It threw off U.S. and Western control of its oil. It is not weak, and will not cow to certain Israelis' ambitions to create a Jewish Empire called Greater Israel in the area where Torah Law would be enforced, making many non-Jews slaves to the Jews.

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Yahoo! News: Asia News, April 16, 2008, 1:18am

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