As I said, I'm opposed to coercion. I'd rather the whole of the people be such that they don't feel compelled to use coercion. I'd rather the whole of the people be such that none does anything to anyone else that constitutes the greater offense.

Jesus didn't resort to coercion. He laid down rules however (summated in his New Commandment that we all love one another). They are in one sense voluntary. When one looks at the full sense of his entire message though, one sees that they are in the end mandatory for deliverance from evil. Therefore, one is free to enter the slavery of Hell. The mouth of Hell is wide open, and only good conscience prevents one from entering or from departing for having seen the light and the errors of one's ways.

How does one convince them (both the deliberate and the oblivious noise and other polluters) rather than resorting to coercive measures to stop them? What is it they are lacking that they don't respond to simple common decency and courtesy? What don't they know?

The most important thing for them to come to realize is that they are thinking with the lower, less evolved, less enlightened, even unenlightened and totally dark portions of their brain matter. They are allowing the reptilian brain to control them. They are failing to fully employ the highest regions of their brain matter, the cerebral cortex and in particular, their frontal and temporal lobes.

Why is this? Harm, damage, abuse, misdirection are the answers. The world is full of selfishness. That doesn't make it either right or necessary. Selfishness has been a cascade through the ages. It has had its times of more selfishness and times of less. It comes in various forms and degrees. The cause and effect of it all is the history of human kind. All the evils have been on account of it. All of it is laid at the doorstep of what people term the evil spirit.

What happens to people is that we are born and then subjected to the selfishness of others. Some people are subjected to a great deal of it within their own homes. Others feel the brunt of it coming in from outside the home. The key is in the reaction.

People start out such that they can respond to unselfishness as the guiding light. Selfishness though catches them unaware of cause and effect. The young don't know. With repeated insults, which are the selfish actions of others who have been previously subjected to the same general process, the person is led into antagonism. Fighting or fleeing is the common reaction. Usually, the smaller will initially flee. Often, eventually, the one will turn to fight. This then becomes the ingrained pattern. Also, the general aggressiveness spills over into bullying the innocent. In this way, the selfishness becomes a loop or circle or more correctly, the downward spiral.

The fight-or-flee regions of the brain become those most used. The other regions that are more conducive to rising are neglected and atrophy. This is what has happened with all the war-mongers, the greedy, and the sexually depraved. It is also what has happened to one degree or another and from one form or another of selfishness to everyone who thoughtlessly or deliberately harms others in any way and to any degree. It is all the exact opposite of the calling of Jesus.

So, how does one reach into the minds of those who resort to sadistically using their subwoofers and vehicle engines to get them to snap out of being controlled by the lowest parts of their brains? Well, the first thing is to inform them of it. Most are completely oblivious to all of this. Reptilian thinkers aren't given to being able to make the connections. It is that higher part of the brain where making the connections exists afterall.

Can they change? Yes, they can change, some more easily than others. It depends upon their starting place, what they have to work with. Some are more deeply patterned or conditioned into irrational behavior that is selfishness than are others. Their brain matter must be changed with effort. The starting place is with the slightest care. It is with the slightest desire not to be relegated to the level of viperous snakes that have no maternal or paternal instincts but rather hatch their brood and slither away.

We aren't snakes. Snakes are snakes. When Jesus called them a brood of vipers, he was telling them that they were acting as snakes — thoughtless. Vipers have bitten the heels of righteous souls. That fact is used as an analogy of what the spirit of selfishness does to tempt others to fall to its level or lower. Evil humans love evil company. The snake has sensory organs of course, and the limitation of those in terms of informing and controlling the snake as to whether or not selfishly to bite is not fully grasped by human kind in general. God the Father alone knows the exact limitations of the snake mind.

This is why Jesus doesn't know the selfish ones and they don't know him. It's a particular context of the term "know."

So, we have people riding around in and on their vehicles being sadistic by revving their engines and racing their vehicles. Some are more aware of the fact that they are engaging in harmful behavior. Many are, as I said, oblivious.

Sadism, per se, isn't the only thing going on of course. Everything going on though can properly be categorized as selfishness and egotistical, even if coming out from a huge inferiority complex, which is often the case.

Right now, the world is experiencing human caused global warming and violent climate change due to excessive fossil fuel burning; yet, we see and hear and read about so many misguided youths and adults riding about racing their engines wasting fuel and money (that could be used to feed the hungry) and increasing pollution all to stimulate the most backward portions of their brains that are in complete control of them. They are out of control by the higher regions of their brains. It's not good, since it leads to all sorts of other troubles and harms the innocent as well.

Where is their sense of compassion? Where is their understanding of the Golden Rule? Where is their ability to make the connection between how they are mistreating others with being mistreated themselves? Do they want their relatives mistreated? Some probably do. But why except that the entire selfish downward spiral has caused them to come to such a terrible conclusion rather than wanting their entire family blessed with the light of truth to turn and change from being selfish perpetuators or hypocrites?

Can they all be reached? Even if reached, can they all refrain from recidivism? Well, Jesus warned people, but then that was it. Either they got it or they didn't. Those who didn't sufficiently comprehend followed one another into the proverbial ditch: Hell. However, Jesus left room in his prophecy for the world finally being wholly saved. In which case, all of humanity will have arrived at the condition or state of being where they all get it and don't backslide. Evil is defeated. The higher brain prevails before the human spirit is extinguished.

So, should the government of the people pass ordinances to control noise pollution manifested by the selfish ones? It is the lesser of evils but not the ultimate solution. It would be vastly better were the noise polluters to come to an awakening.

Coercion breeds coercion. Only forgoing it will end it. That's the Golden Rule. The U.S. has its democracy where minorities are ostensibly protected, but it is done via coercion. It's too bad and a shame really that people cause others to resort to such measures in a futile attempt at peace. Noise pollution abatement is good. The real peace though comes when it is all completely voluntary and everyone loves the peace so much that they all keep it. Be as harmless as doves is the calling of Jesus Christ. Are you doing that? Are you advocating it? Is unnecessarily polluting the world in any way doing that?

Do you really want to be going about promoting evil and what we call the satanic spirit? Wouldn't you rather live out from under all of that? Wouldn't you really rather bring forth Heaven rather than the Hell you are now bringing forth?


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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