The following mentioned pollution sources and what they negatively impact upon eventually completely overlap once the entire ecosystem and environment has been taken into full consideration (everything factored in).

There is no such thing as a capitalistic externality on this plane of existence.

We know nuclear-energy plants are so far unclean and unsafe, yet has society decided not to go in that direction? No, it has not. We know uranium mining is so far unclean and unsafe; yet, here to, society has decided to continue the evil. The leaching process in uranium mining is not proven safe. In fact, there is plenty of data available that clearly says it is not. Of course, the transportation and storage of so-called spent nuclear fuel are also major problems. Nevertheless, capitalists are planning more mining, more plants, and more waste and to Hell with you. They don't give a damn that there are much better ways.

What other problems are there that are well known to society but that the rabid capitalists continue doing out of selfishness?

Air pollution and human-caused, violent climate change

Gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles cause much of the problem. Have the capitalists stopped manufacturing and switched over to clean energy? No, they have not. Could they have? Yes, they could have switched over decades ago. Why didn't they? They didn't do it because of the interlocking directorates of the major U.S. corporations. The oil and gas industry and other corporate industries didn't want the automakers to switch over, so they didn't. This was all decided behind closed doors, obviously. Their boardrooms are closed to the public for that very reason for one. The common people are the enemy, the competition, so is Jesus.

Coal-fired power plants are another huge source of human-caused violent climate change and pollution of air, land, and water on account of the full cycle of the process from mining to burning. It's a full cycle of destruction. Knowing this, have the capitalists decided to do the right thing and replace all the coal-fired plants with clean energy plants ASAP? No, they have not. Rather than planning to do the right thing, they are busily planning to do the wrong thing. They have been planning for a long time to create more evil coal-fired plants. Afterall, they need some place to burn all the coal that they are mining by blowing off the tops of hundreds of once beautiful tree-covered mountains in the U.S.

Do you believe in The Bible? Many people don't. Many people put stock in the New Testament though. They especially like the Gospels where they can read the words of Jesus and about his deeds. The last book in the New Testament is Revelation. Many people believe that it is John being taught by the spirit of Jesus Christ. It certainly is inspired.

It is very difficult for people to know where to draw the line on destruction of the wicked. Christians are not to call down the wrath. Yet, Christians are to be delivered out of the hands of the wicked. It is difficult for people to discern which spirit does what. Which spirit destroys? Jesus warned people, and then let it be. Behave a certain way, and suffer the consequences of failing to heed. It's out of Jesus's hands after he clearly warns. That's fair. How could it be Jesus's fault that others refuse his message that includes non-coercion? Anyway, there are words in Revelation that fit the current situation. They also point to the fact that there have been those who have been destroying the environment for a long time. In fact, the destruction of the Cedars of Lebanon is a case in point. That started a long time before Jesus. The destruction of nature began when people carelessly defiled nature when they started building up the agricultural areas and then towns and cities.

The verse in Revelations is as follows:

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. — Revelation 11:18

Now, whose wrath, since we aren't to call down the wrath? Well, isn't the evil spirit self-defeating? There is cause and effect that we all readily recognize between conception and even before to death and ever after all on this plane of existence. Jesus and John and others believe (know) that there is more than meets the mundane eye. So all of this Earth destroying, all this mountaintop removal and such, is all going to have to be paid for. All the selfishness will have to be repented and atoned for. Souls will have to learn and be forgiven for having been so consumed by evil that is selfish greed and the opposite of the Golden Rule. Those that learn and pay and forgive, etc., will come out apparently. Those who don't will continue on their self-punishing, selfish path indefinitely. It is their choice. It's infinitely balanced and just. There is no better way.

Water pollution is a problem that gets much less attention than air pollution, but they are inextricable. The atmosphere and the water on the Earth is part of one cycle. They are not sealed off from each other. In addition, the same spirit of greed is responsible for the vast majority of the pollution of both (and the land and underground as well; also now outer space with space junk).

Mountaintop-removal mining mostly for coal is another hideously evil human activity. They blast off whole mountaintops with ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel. Hundreds of mountaintops have been removed and the debris dumped into valleys. All the trees and topsoil are gone. All the streams and rivers are blocked. Nothing good is left behind. It is straight from Hell and leaves Hell in its wake. Only extremely evil-hearted people are behind this process as capitalists.

Oh, there are those calling themselves socialists who have made many of the same mistakes. Those aren't the real socialists. They are the ones who are still too selfish at heart. Just look at Joseph Stalin as the prime example. He turned the Russian Empire into a system to benefit the elites. It was really an absolute monarchy with Stalin as the evil-maniacal dictator. He was just another Czar (Caesar). That was hardly the true spirit of socialism that is sharing all with all.

Strip mining is another horrendous process that ruins the surface. The entire ecosystem balance that took ages to develop on the surface is taken away. Nothing but huge pits and gouges remain (scars and opened wounds from the violent, greedy, shortsighted, and spiritually blind).

Mining is literally killing many locals. They die from the diseases caused by water pollution and they drown in floods and are smothered and crushed by mud slides and landslides. The poorest counties in America are the most coal mined. Unemployment in coal-mining country runs very high, because the mining is so automated. The profits from the land are not shared. Mining is an environmental disaster. The greed in the hearts of the evil ones who do this to other people and to the land is bottomless. Places in once very beautiful Appalachia have been all but forgotten and written off.

ON THE THIRD OF JULY, I DROVE across ten thousand acres of boulder-strewn wasteland that used to be Kayford Mountain, West Virginia—one of the most hideous mountaintop removal sites I've seen. But right in the middle of the destruction, rising like a last gasp, is a small knoll of untouched forest. Larry Gibson's family has lived on Kayford Mountain for two hundred years. And most of his relatives are buried in the family cemetery, where almost every day Gibson has to clear away debris known as "flyrock" from the nearby blasting.


A short, muscular man, Gibson is easily given to emotion when he starts talking about his home place—both what remains of it and what has been destroyed. Forty seams of coal lie beneath his fifty acres. Gibson could be a millionaire many times over, but because he refuses to sell, he has been shot at and run off his own road. One of his dogs was shot and another hanged. A month after my visit, someone sabotaged his solar panels. In 2000 Gibson walked out onto his porch one day to find two men dressed in camouflage, approaching with gas cans. They backed away and drove off, but not before they set fire to an empty cabin that belongs to one of Gibson's cousins. This much at least can be said for the West Virginia coal industry: it has perfected the art of intimidation.

Gibson knows he isn't safe. "This land is worth $450 million," he told me, "so what kind of chances do I have?"

"Coal Legacy." Solar Kismet blog. January 10, 2006. [If what you read doesn't make your heart cry, you don't have a heart.]

At the end of the rally, as McCain was walking away, Emily handed him a flyer. He took it, looked at it, and when he looked up again, I was standing in front of him. He took my hand, looked me directly in the eye, and said, "Thank you, thank you so much. I am going to stop the removal of the mountains." He then gave me a big hug and thanked me for fighting for a cause greater than myself.

For a front-running Republican presidential candidate to not only address plans for aggressive climate change policy but also to openly state his opposition to mountaintop removal is huge.... Appalachian Voices.

That was during the New Hampshire presidential primary 2007. That's the Teddy Roosevelt in McCain coming out. Roosevelt was the Conservation president, (Inconsistent considering his big game hunting, but nevertheless one of his better points).

Fertilizer runoff is also causing huge problems as water pollution. Whole areas of the ocean the size of American states are effectively suffocated by algae blooms at the mouths of rivers (deltas) that spread out into the ocean. Local economies based on the ocean are devastated. Fishing, an industry already in great danger from overfishing and bottom trawling, is further harmed. It just isn't good planning. It isn't good government. It isn't how we as humans should be organizing things. It is harmful (disorder) that speaks volumes about the broken spirits who assume control by broken means (coercion in the form of threats and violence just as with Larry Gibson's family on Kayford Mountain briefly discussed above. The greedy capitalist always employ thugs and other operatives to do fiendish dirty work.

The capitalists (plutocrats) will fund numerous so-called think tanks where their hired guns (supposed intellectuals but with defective brains) come up with all sorts of lying propaganda termed public relations to hide and to twist the activities of the top capitalist (who do the top money laundering through their private central banking system, top weapons smuggling, top drug deals, are the top usurers, monopolize the currency through illegal schemes, and top the sex-slave industry and other evil industries) so the common people won't unite and simply refuse to cooperate with them any longer but rather look solely to each other in full cooperation that is the giving and sharing economy envisioned and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

The people need their land back they re-obtain via non-coercive means to grow food for the bodies of all the people at no charge. The people need to cooperate on everything. They need to come together to do only those things that are consistently harmless and more to the point, beneficial.

Weapons-testing pollution is a problem that the military-industrial complex seeks to cover up. It's a double-edged sword since the whole process of weapons is so antichrist. Isaiah said that we would reach the point where we would study war no more. When will we collectively reach that stage of enlightenment? Why do we follow leaders who haven't reached that point? Why do we listen to their voices? They don't know what they're doing. They're blind to the revelation. They are in the dark. How can they properly lead when they have no vision in any sense? Where will they take their followers? The gate is strait. They haven't entered. The path is narrow. Selfishness can't fit along its way. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. — Jesus, Matthew 7:14.

Forrest clear-cutting adds to water pollution too. It also exacerbates violent climate change. Salmon runs and spawning grounds have been severely harmed by clear-cutting. With all the trees gone (a huge eyesore as well with nothing but some stumps and debris left strewn around), the ground is ripe for erosion of the top soil that ends up silting and worse theretofore pristine streams. That is far from the full damage caused by clear-cutting. Many other species are negatively impacted. Forests are carbon sinks as well that help stabilize the climate.

Oil spills in water and on land is another huge problem. The oil economy needs to go. The sooner it is replaced by totally clean energy from start to finish (throughout the whole cycle), the better. Oil spills ruin areas for many decades. I believe that the effects of oil spills truly last centuries and longer. Causes cascade out into the future forever. Only real love (unselfishness) and forgiveness can head it off and correct things.

Oil of course causes more problems than just spills of crude or refined products. Crude oil is disease promoting. In many poorer nations that where forced by dictators put into place by the U.S. military and CIA for the sakes of U.S. corporations to move in to rape the land and negatively exploit the people, those people show many diseases they didn't have before all the oil pollution.

Gas flaring is a huge problem in many such areas too. It is open burning of crude-gas that goes on, on a huge scale and twenty-four hours a day. All that heat energy has been simply wasted for decades while it could have been used to turn turbines for free electrical energy for the locals. Also, the pollution from the burning could have been captured. Perhaps the global-warning-promoting carbon could have been captured as well.

Biofuels from food crops is the latest terrible idea of the capitalists that is finally getting some of the attention it should. Now that it is known in the mainstream that this is such a bad idea, have the capitalists stopped just as soon as possible? No, they have not. What they have done is defend the indefensible. That's their standard operating procedure. They simply come up with every excuse they can imagine to avoid doing the right things. They don't care that people are going hungry who were not before biofuels from food crops. When coupled with more feed going to feed animals for meat, many people around the world are suffering needlessly. Of course, that's the plan by the Scrooges. After all, it will "decrease the surplus population." Do you think that's too cynical? It isn't. It's the truth. That's the level many are on. They just don't want you to know it, because they know you'd hate them and would overturn them by turning yourself to righteousness and away from all their evil lies.

Bt crops are crops that are resistant to certain pesticides and herbicides and such. They are genetically engineered to be so. They have shown to be unhealthy in lab animals. Animal testing shows the animals getting a number of diseases from consuming the Bt crops. Also, the pesticides and herbicides used in conjunction with the crops are harmful. Weeds and pests are also becoming stronger in reaction. Lastly, these are patented crops. The farmers aren't allowed to save the seed to reuse it. Therefore, they lose their seed stores and become wholly beholden to the seed financing system of the capitalists. When yields begin to go down and the pest and weeds increase, the farmer must finance more and more pesticides and herbicides (poisons to the environment). They become bankrupt and physically sick from the poisons. Many commit suicide, which doesn't bother the capitalist who plan in the long run to move in to take over the land anyway. To the capitalists, its just survival of the shrewdest (evil). The farmers leave behind poisoned land and widows in debt. The widows must break out of the cash-crop, one-crop, Bt cycle of rape. Some do it. God bless their efforts.

Cloned foods are being forced into the market place. They been mentioning them deliberately to get people accustomed to the idea. Right now they claim there is a voluntary withholding. Make no mistake about it; they plan to put this garbage on the market. There is absolutely no way any good will come from it. It is short-sighted and driven by greed and not by concern for fellow human beings. It is pure selfishness. Just look at the track record.

Nanofoods aren't to be far behind in all of this insanity, and it is literally insane. Nanoparticles are so small they will get into everything. Certain mad scientist (most of the scientist working for mega corporations are insane) have stated that because some lab animals excrete most of the nanoparticles and don't show any ill effects (that they can see) that it is okay to eat nanofoods. Well, try waiting ten or twenty years after they've been eating the stuff daily before even beginning to imagine it might be safe. Those scientists have no idea what those nano particles knocked about and cut up internally. The animals bodies may have had to do major repairs that their bodies just wouldn't be able to keep up with over time. That's commonsense isn't it? Also, how accurate is their measurement of how much was left behind stuck in the body? How long would it take for areas to become totally blocked off by nano logjams? How many spaces are there where just one nanoparticle would become detrimentally lodged? They aren't paid to consider all the possible ill effects. They are paid to convince others that they are experts and may simply be trusted.

They can't simply be trusted, because their prior fruit show that they bring forth evil and they have not turned and repented.

Patented life forms are another in a long series of evil ideas. Patented corn (genetically engineered corn) has found its way onto organic farms by way of wind and birds, etc. It is polluting the seed. Also, the monstrous company behind this, Monsanto, sues farmers the Monsanto's seed has polluted. Under current laws, Monsanto should be paying those farmers for polluting their farms.

"What['s] That In My Cereal? Or Why Mo[n]santo Wants to Rule the World: Connect The Dots, Episode Two by CIA Corn Spy"

This morning, I woke up to a bowl of corn flakes with some strawberries and run of the mill organic soymilk. I started wondering, could the corn in my cereal have been mixed up with that corn genetically engineered to produce medicine? Sure, Prozac has become the candy of American society, although I certainly don't want my breakfast to be part of some Orwellian nightmare. I mean, it was only recently that engineered cattle feed made it into Taco Bell's taco shells, but then again, maybe that's just the karma of the fast food industry. Then I started worrying about the strawberries. I read somewhere that somebody had crossed strawberries with a flounder so they could withstand the cold. Hmm... sushi-strawberry anyone?

It seems the folks over in Europe are pretty worried about the genetically modified foods, shouldn't I be too? Most of Europe has banned imports of food sources grown in the U.S. due to the concerns over bioengineering of crops. I know we've had a bumpy ride with the French, but this is pretty much the entire European Union. Hell, some third world countries won't even take our extra food for free!

I get to thinking, what is the big deal with engineered food? I've heard claims that world hunger can be ended by creating foods that can be grown in areas with poor soil conditions or drought. Seems like a good idea, but whose idea is it? Well, not sure where it all started, but one company's name, Monsanto, comes up quite a bit. These guys are a monster company (Monsanto, monster, Monsanto, hmm...) that has become a leading player in the creation of genetically modified foods. I watched an interesting show on PBS recently, a broadcast of NOVA titled "Harvest of Fear" that discussed GMO, or "genetically modified organisms," and the industry that produces them. One spot on Monsanto showed where, for "free", they assisted an African scientist in developing a species of sweet potato that grows much larger than the traditional variety grown in the region.

Monsanto's frankenfood potato is a perfect example of the "achievements" of engineered food and providing solutions for starvation. Still, claiming their assistance was "free" holds as much truth as the telemarketer last night who called me offering a "free gift." Not minutes after, one of Monsanto's own executives stated that the reason they supported the research is that so the African farmers could become wealthy farmers and buy more Monsanto products. That doesn't seem so altruistic anymore... If I can't trust their motives, definitely driven in the quest for another dollar and shareholder satisfaction, why would I trust them with the integrity of my food? Sounds like a good reason to get outside, plant a garden, and do it the old fashioned way.

Given the opportunity, would I eat a mutant vegetable? I think it would depend on what it was. I hate seafood, so the thought of a sushi-strawberry kind of gives me the creeps. Unfortunately, I think somebody else has already made the choice for me. Due to a lack of labeling laws and requirements, most foods that are engineered are not marked, and apparently the supermarkets are loaded with them. It seems the food industry is against having to label their frankenfoods for fear I might actually prefer to buy something made from plants that have evolved and been eaten by people over thousands of years rather than something whipped up in a lab last year.

As for the loss in sales... kind of makes me wonder whose interests are being served here? The manufacturers want money, Monsanto wants money — is it the money or is it the food? Seems like a trivial thing, but I prefer to choose my food based on whether it's good to eat, not that it will help my stock portfolio. Sadly, I think wholesome food is losing out. 70 percent of this year's soybean crops are the so-called Roundup Ready soybean engineered by Monsanto (yep, these guys again). This soybean has been modified so that it is resistant to virtually any amount of Roundup dumped on the plants (conveniently, Monsanto also produces Roundup). Hell, I won't coat my yard with Roundup, why would I want the residue coating my organs?

Setting aside my preferences, I have to wonder what real safety considerations are there? From what I can tell, nobody really knows since there is a void of research on the impact of these foods, nor has there been the "test of time." I heard that even the FDA won't vouch for the safety of frankenfood because the companies dreaming these things up either don't have sufficient research or simply refuse to turn records over (and why?). Some of these crops are engineered to withstand pests by integrating a natural deterrent or toxin into the plant. I find it interesting that these toxins are bad for pests, but supposedly acceptable for human consumption... I don't want to be the guinea pig here. Even DDT was once deemed safe, but the cumulative effect of consumption eventually harmed species higher on the food chain. Some experimental crops expected to be unsafe, but unfortunately, as with the Taco Bell taco shells, even with the strictest of control these WILL eventually end up in food, hopefully not in mine.

As I think again of my garden, I have to wonder about the ecological disaster that could be waiting if these modified foods completely integrate with the natural species and permanently enter the food supply. Already, many crops, particularly corn, are already hybrids, tainted with modified species and are no longer entirely natural. Even worse, many of the marketed seeds include a "terminator gene" that essentially prevents the plants from producing fertile seeds. It would be a scary future if all natural plants - flower, fruit and vegetable - slowly vanished through hybridization and replacement seeds and plants had to be purchased from the patent holder every season. I'd hate to have to tell my grandchildren tales of the days where you could pick sweet strawberries off the vine and apples from the tree in your own backyard.

I can't help but ponder how these genetically modified foods are bad for pests, unharmed by chemicals, good for profits and yet somehow good for me. Corporations want me to buy their frankenfood in the supermarket, but don't want to label it since I might actually decide I want the "real thing." I think its time for me to put down the mystery food and get out and work in the garden, since I know what I'm eating when its time for harvest.

The point above is that what is being passed off as "food" ought to be labeled as to whether or not it contains GMO. Actually, food shouldn't contain GM anything.

People have clearly shown that they want lower or no saturated and polyunsaturated fats, sodium, refined sugar, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, or other harmful ingredients. They often want totally natural products. Many want organically grown and processed products to be within price reach. However, they aren't even allowed to know when their food has been irradiated or artificially genetically modified even though they've asked to have it clearly labeled. That's just evil. Now we are facing cloned and nanofoods that aren't to be labeled either. How long are the people going to stand for this sort of capitalist evil?

The fact that the labels don't contain the whole truth is the sure sign that evil people have assumed the decision-making positions regarding this and other issues. The truth is that politicians have been bought with campaign funds and promises of deals and positions after they leave office if they will do the capitalists' bidding while in office. They have soul their souls, all of them.

Pesticides such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) (aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, and toxaphene) are throughout our environment. Many are known to cause cancer and other diseases. Then, people are expected to turn around and avail themselves of all the highly expensive technologies and drugs and therapies to counteract the carcinogens that never should have made it into the market.

Now, the GMO garbage is just the present day DDT. Down the road, it will become painfully obvious even to those who were extremely duped by the greedy overlords that what is just now entering the market or about to is very unwholesome. Oh, there are still people clinging to the notion that DDT is good stuff and should still be sprayed about. They probably like nuclear weapons too and think we should drop those all about. That's no joke. There are followers of insane people such as Hermann Khan who worked at the RAND Corporation and started the Hudson Institute and who the advocated for the winnable nuclear war over the giving and sharing, real Christian, economy.

Herbicides are usually overlooked as problems relative to pesticides, but as mentioned, weeds mutate just as insects.

Other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are PCBs, dioxins, furans. Dioxin is the poison underlying Agent Orange that did so much damage in Vietnam. Agent Orange is a defoliant, an herbicide. It causes numerous diseases. Imagine claiming to be fighting for democracy against large-C Communism (one-party, totalitarian dictatorship by militants) while spraying a nation with a known carcinogen. What kinds of people do that? Are they better than the people they fight? Hardly. Agent Orange was a money-making scheme. It was a Defense contract. Always follow the money to the source of the evil. The greedy one at the top (or bottom, if you really know how to view it) is the selfish one causing the most trouble.

Light pollution from numerous sources that are over illuminated and from outdated technology is a problem as well. People are healthier when they sleep in absolute darkness. Their glands secrete powerful, natural antioxidants under such circumstances. It's very difficult to obtain pitch black sleeping arrangements. Security lighting is one reason. Streetlights and signs add to it. Many people make the mistake of sleeping with lights on in the room or TV's going. Low level security lighting is usually plenty effective. Motion sensors can help save energy too, since lights don't have to be burning when no one is moving. Also, ambient city light cuts off the population from the stars. This has the effect of disconnecting the people. Their thoughts literally can become smaller and more self-centered. Seeing the stars actually helps the mind consider the infinite. It's expansive. This is not to say that people whose eyes are blind are necessarily incapable of being as, or more, connected with the infinite than so-called sighted people. It has everything to do with the individual spirit.

Noise pollution, which is most often from vehicular and air traffic, is a much greater problem than is generally realized. Even people who ignore it are adversely affected. Noise is a distraction and stressor. It promotes diseases and lowers mental capacity. It fractures. Even if someone believes that what he or she is listening to is "music," it may still have a deleterious effect. Certain patterns are lowering by nature. Others are uplifting. Discerning which is which is to look into them as to root emotion or spirit. Is it ultimately harmless that is unselfish and beneficial?

There are other sources of pollution such as medicines and general garbage much of which ends up in landfills (that can and do leak) and also in illegal dumps and in waterways and oceans. We are now hearing the pharmaceutical giants claiming that the stuff they pump out is no problem even though we have found intersexed (hermaphrodite) fish in U.S. waterways made so by virtue of pharmaceutical products finding their way into the groundwater, streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, and oceans.

Lastly, there is litter. Tons and tons of trash that is just strewn about by people who don't give a damn about the Commons even while they bitch and moan about all the things others do to them that they don't like.

I can stand here and watch out my window for a while and very frequently someone will toss something on the ground or over the fence or into the bushes that he or she could very easily have held until reaching a receptacle. When I walk to the grocery, I see areas that are just trash strewn. I mean enough trash within say twenty feet to fill a standard garbage bag. Now to be sure, the private property owner and the city and state contract and employ people who eventually get to most of that trash, but that's no excuse. Why make such ugly work? Why be so self-centered? Why be so ugly on the inside? What kind of personality do such litterers have? Are they trustworthy? I don't think so.

So, are the capitalists quickly moving away from all these pollution and evil things? No, they aren't. They are dragging their feet as much as possible. They are trying to change the subject. They are trying to defend the spirit that has brought forth the pollution that is their fruit by which we know their tree, as Jesus said. Oh, they moan the Marxist did it too. Well, capitalists showed the way and didn't stop even though they now still point to the pollution caused by Stalinists who were not environmentalists by any stretch. Real Christians are though environmentalists.

Real Christians are good stewards and for the giving and sharing economy lived by Jesus Christ with his closes disciples. Real Christians know that Jesus cleans the temple of the capitalists of that day and said the temple is within us. Therefore, our hearts are to be purified of the spirit of selfishness and competition and recompense that is the fractured soul of capitalism.

Capitalists have tried to buy Christianity. You can see that they are still at it with all of their infiltration and subversion of churches to turn them into businesses and houses of commerce, exactly what Jesus said not to do. Real Christianity has nothing to learn from capitalism. The only reason Churches have anything remotely resembling business organization is because of the evils that come in from the outside from capitalism and other forms of selfishness. Think about it. None of that would be necessary, is ultimately necessary, except that there is evil afoot in the world. Even Jesus disappeared in the crowd and from it when he knew they would kill him before the right time. This doesn't mean that there is no organization within the Church. In fact, God's real house is perfectly organized. That perfection doesn't come out of commerce though. Commerce rather is an impediment to perfection.

Anyway, see through all the foot dragging and subject ignoring and twisting. The capitalists are always dodgy. They don't debate straight up, point for point. They never do, because they know they can't but lose.

Look, they always hedge by saying things such as they aren't against voluntary socialism. However, will they admit that voluntary socialism (unselfish, uncoerced) is better than capitalism?

If someone is arguing for something, in order to win, he or she must show how what he or she is advocating is better. Even the proverbial serpent in the garden told them they would not surely die; however, they did die. Their innocence died instantly, and their flesh followed a while later. He lied. Some self-styled capitalists may be stupid enough to admit that voluntary socialism is better but then turn around to say but not really because people won't choose it.

Well, the satanic spirit will distance itself from that lame argument in a hurry. That's because the satanic spirit knows that the point of the argument is to win souls over into thinking that what they are doing truly is for the best. The satanic spirit wants them blind to the real best (the garden mentality before the fall). He doesn't want to admit that what he is offering is second best and not good at all in the end.

All these things capitalists and other misguided people are doing to pollute could be stopped and reversed if the people would only adopt the new spirit of unselfishness that is really going back to the spirit that prevailed before selfishness messed up things.

Turning from that messed up spirit would also eliminate drug addictions, war and fighting, and sexual abuse and harm, including slavery. It would remove greed, violence, and all the other forms of depravity. It would displace all of them with real peace, love, and truth.

Tom Usher

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