Did you know that Benjamin Disraeli, creator of Britain's modern Conservative party, made speeches and wrote books proclaiming the innate superiority of the Jewish race? Winston Churchill and his father, Randolph, both followed in Disraeli's racist attitudes.

Winston was particularly repulsive with his racist views, statements, and writings. He sounded just like a Nazi only towards Arabs and others. We have many of his racist views documented on this site. Do a search on him, and you'll find some of the completely disgusting things he advocated (eugenics for example). Yet, he is held up in such high regard by so many. They are severely misguided if they look up to these racists. Thank God these Jews are not indicative of all Jews. Thank God for the Jews who stand up to the likes of these racist Jews to tell them they are completely wrong.

Right now, certain neocons working in the U.S. State Department under Condi Rice and in the major, mainstream, media corporations are busying themselves trying to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, which of course is a logical fallacy. What is being passed off as Zionism today is not the same thing as Semitism and never will be. Also, to be anti such so-called Zionism (false-Zionism since real Zionism is pacifistic: "Peace") has nothing to do with even remotely suggesting that being a descendant of Jacob (Israel) means one has an inherent character flaw above or beyond the general fall of the whole of humanity. Jesus was a Jew afterall. In addition, those who hold against that false-Zionism bear no responsibility for anti-Semites who likewise hold forth against that Zionism.

To say otherwise is to say that all people who are anti-Nazi are anti-German, as if both are the same and that being anti-Nazi somehow promotes being anti-German or is a form of hate speech that should be punished, etc.

Such a position is as dumb as dumb can be. It is because we have such unenlightened thinkers in high places that the world is in such dire straits.

Condi Rice and all the neocons must go permanently.

To those who think they can deflate what I'm saying by suggesting that I'm equating Zionists with Nazis, first read what Winston said. I say what he advocated was in line with Nazism in many respects only to be directed toward other than Jews. Also be sure you know the history of well-poisonings and false-flag operations and other measures taken by the so-called Zionist founding fathers of Israel. Be sure you know the statements of many of them that make clear their racist positions.

Tom Usher

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