Report: 300,000 Iraq & Afghan Vets Suffer PTSD & Depression

300,000 US troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. This, according to a new study by the RAND Corporation. Researchers say nearly 20 percent of the troops who served in the war zones are suffering PTSD and depression, but only half of them have sought treatment. RAND researcher Terri Tanielian said, "Unless they receive appropriate and effective care for these mental health conditions, there will be long-term consequences for them and for the nation." The study also estimates that 320,000 service members had experienced a possible traumatic brain injury while deployed. Researchers say female soldiers and reservists had the highest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression. Meanwhile, in Texas, the Dallas VA Medical Center has been forced to close its psychiatric ward to new patients after the suicides of four veterans this year.

Report: 300,000 Iraq & Afghan Vets Suffer PTSD & Depression

RLCC Comment: It was predicted. War is disease. I hate the invasion and occupation of Iraq. I hated it before it happened. I hated it the moment it was mentioned that George W. Bush wanted to wage war on Iraq. It caused instant revulsion and extreme re-radicalization all the way to real Christian revelation.

Via Democracy Now!

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Democracy Now!, April 18, 2008, 5:00am

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