The following block-quoted material came from a blog site entitled "Antisemitism." I will intersperse commentary.

"Carter Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza," April 18, 2008. According to the "Antisemitism" site, the post's content originated at

It is noteworthy that comments on the post are closed. One may assume that the site administrator(s)/owner(s) doesn't want to hear from people telling the site where it is wrong on the subject. Of course, the site might truly be subjected to evil spam from real anti-Semites rather than non-anti-Semites, such as Jimmy Carter who are attacked for speaking out against Israeli atrocities just the way people were initially attacked for speaking out against Apartheid South Africa. If people such as Jimmy Carter never spoke out against the Nazis, where would the rest of the Jews be now?

Former US President Jimmy Carter says Palestinians living in Gaza are being "starved to death" by Israel.

Carter leveled the accusation while speaking to students at the American University in Cairo on Thursday, saying that Gaza Arabs are receiving fewer calories per day than people in the poorest regions of Africa. "It's an atrocity, what is being perpetrated as punishment on the people in Gaza," said Carter. "It is a crime. I think it is an abomination that this continues to go on."

His accusation is particularly despicable since he has not even stepped foot in Gaza for one thing. Secondly, he failed to mention the tons of humanitarian aid which Israel authorizes and to that end, that the crossings are open DAILY to take food for truckloads of food, medical supplies and other necessities into Gaza. Thirdly, he neglected to mention that the region's crossings with the rest of Israel have been closed since the Islamist Hamas terrorist organization seized total control of the area and began launching constant attacks on Israeli civilians.

As for neglecting to mention things (more like deliberately trying to avoid the truth), look who's calling the kettle black?

First of all, Carter wanted to go into Gaza but was refused by the Israeli authorities.

Secondly, when was the last time the writer(s) of the post was in Gaza, since one apparently has to have been there recently to know whether or not people are being deprived of basic necessities.

Thirdly, the volume of material and supplies crossing into Gaza is for some 1.5 million people. Just because materials and supplies get in doesn't mean it's enough. Israel has also regularly undermined Gaza's water and energy supply.

Fourthly, Hamas is the duly elected government of Gaza. The people of Gaza voted for Hamas in free, fair, heavily monitored, certified, open elections. That's better than what we have in the U.S. As for Hamas being "Islamist," what is that? Islam is Islam. A Muslim is a Muslim. They are Muslims. The Jews are Jews. There are people calling themselves Jews (plenty of them in Israel) who want Torah law just as many calling themselves Muslims want sharia. However, Hamas doesn't want sharia. They had some connection with the Brotherhood in Egypt, but that has a great deal to do with the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of thinking. In addition, the Brotherhood has moderated.

If the Likudniks lose power forever because the Israelites wake up, then the Muslims won't be so radicalized to sharia. Of course, the Likudniks want the Muslims radicalized so the U.S. will attack so the Likudniks can take more land to hold.

Hamas is not part of some monolithic block any more than there was ever a Communist Block or anymore than all Jews think alike.

Think about that. Is there an ethnic group that is comprised of people with a greater range of differing views than Jews? Jews are just like many other tribes. There is a wide range of views on many subjects. Jewishness is not monolithic. It isn't homogeneous really. Look at the different class-strata with the European Jews affording themselves the top positions in Jewish society and many often looking down their noses at Asian Jews and African Jews, etc.

Also, the rockets falling on Israel are designed as retaliation. They are also designed to remind the Israelis that the Israelis stole the land and to wear them down. You who posted this ("Carter Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza") would fire rockets at people stealing your land. Don't be a hypocrite. Rocket fire is evil, but stealing land first is the greater sin. The false-Zionists (real Zion is pure peace for all humans) were the instigators. Instigators who know better always have the primary responsibility. The false-Zionists clearly conspired going into Palestine and in carrying out the evils they euphemize as "ethnic cleansing" and "transfer," etc. It's well documented. It can't be covered up. It's coming out more and more.

Not once did he blame Hamas for the condition of the people over whom it is ruling.

Who's blockading whom? Who stole whose land?

Jimmy Carter has stated openly that the violence on both sides is wrong. However, Hamas didn't drive out the Jews. The Jews horned in and "transferred" the Palestinians off their land and out of their homes and businesses. They cut down their orchards, bulldozed their homes, poisoned their wells, and even went door-to-door cutting throats. They even blew up their own people in false-flag operations. Of course, not all Jews did these things. Nevertheless, it was upon such terrorist acts that especially revisionist-type Zionists such as Ze'ev Jabotinsky built the current state of Israel. Be real. Be honest.

It has all been excused by many Jews as a "natural" reaction to what was done to Jews through the ages and culminating with the Nazis. Well, what the Nazis did was insane and the reaction is to be driven insane by it. That doesn't make it right. One is to overcome the insanity. That's what Carter is saying to the Jews.

Case in point: At the very same time yesterday that Carter was denigrating Israeli treatment of Gaza residents, Hamas terrorists infiltrated through the Keren Shalom Crossing and attacked an IDF post while trucks were passing through the crossing with provisions for Gaza residents.

Look, this is a standard ploy by one-sided Jews. They speak as it evil only starts with each incident. There is no chain — no cause and effect. It's stupid. Don't fall for it if you've been warned, or you're stupid. The Gazans who infiltrated through the Keren Shalom Crossing and attacked an IDF post will say that it was in retaliation for earlier Israeli abuses and especially the theft of the land in the first place. Also, Jimmy Carter is talking about collective punishment against every Gazan. That's something that this Jew or these particular Jews are conveniently ignoring. Furthermore, who's a terrorist? Hamas is labeled a terrorist by some, while Hamas thinks the Likudniks are terrorists.

Frankly, Israel was built upon terrorism. It was built upon the evil spirit of covetousness. The Jews were wanderers, saw the "Land of Milk and Honey," and coveted it. They were willing to commit mass murder to steal it from its current occupants. That goes way back to before Moses. It goes back to Abraham.

The mitigating factor is always the degree of evil on the part of those from whom the Jewish line from Abraham stole the land. Mitigating factors don't though make theft and murder right. Furthermore, leading up to 1948, the Palestinians weren't doing the things condemned in the Torah that supposedly justified the Jews ethnically cleansing Canaan.

What right did any Jews have to do to the Palestinians what has been done to them? If they think God authorized it, their crazy. They haven't acted in a Godly manner toward the Palestinians — not even close.

In defiance of the American government, Carter is meeting today in Damascus with Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal, who is the apparent power behind Gilad Shalit's kidnappers.

This shows a complete lack of understanding of the position and standing a former U.S. president. Current governments in the U.S. don't tell former presidents with whom they may talk. It isn't done. I've seen the neocons headlines that even have the audacity to say that Carter has "defied" Israel. Wake up. In the U.S. the neocons only have a say by the skin on their teeth. They don't have and never did have a mandate. They acted as if they did, which was dumb on the mundane political level. George W. Bush's rating is in at the bottom of the barrel when compared with other presidents. He's been sitting way down and will stay there for the rest of his term barring some further, treasonous, false-flag chicanery. After that, his rating will go even lower. Defy the American government? It's an illegal government. Wake up! It has engaged in all sorts of illegal, impeachable activities in numerous spheres. They've cheated in numerous elections. It's documented. It's irrefutable. They've illegally spied on Americans and others. They've violated numerous treaties concerning torture, weapons, prisoners, human rights, wars. They bribed an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. They gave Antonin Scalia's son a job while Scalia sent a memo to his Republican allies on the Court calling for them to move as a block to stop the free, fair, open re-counting of ballots in Florida, which Al Gore obviously won hands down. The list goes and on and on. A person can't even be alive and not be defying this illegal government.

As for Gilad Shalit, what about the many thousands of Palestinians who are rounded up and imprisoned without trial? Aren't they kidnapped? Yes, they are kidnapped. You whine about Gilad Shalit, who was working to protect land thieves, yet you have nothing to say about the plight of the victims of those land thieves. Thank God, literally, that your position is fast becoming the minority amongst Jews worldwide.

One of our subscribers wrote in yesterday to say that he is "embarrassed and ashamed" at Carter's behavior and suggested that his defiance against the government and country he once served as president should earn him exile. "If I was there, when his plane landed bringing him back to Georgia, I'd refuse him entry into the United States!" this subscriber wrote.

Whoever is calling for the exile of Jimmy Carter has no idea how much support Carter has. He has so much more support for what he is doing than any of you seem to realize. Calling for his exile is only going to backfire in your faces. People are getting sicker and sicker of what the Israelis are doing. Support of Israel is going to have the bottom fall out. Jews in the U.S. are a minority. All the greedy Jewish billionaires won't be able to stop a large majority from changing things dramatically.

Look, the longer things drag on and the more things come out, the weaker Israel's position is becoming. Don't you see that? The Likudniks are losing out to the truth, as they ought to. You are never going to convince the majority of Americans that being Nazi-like is the right way to go. The trend has been away from that since the beginning. The fascists always take one step forward but then two back. Open your eyes. Satan looses, thank God, literally. You better turn, repent, and atone.

Dozens of other American subscribers wrote in and asked me to please convey to the people of Israel that thousands and thousands of Americans are furious and appalled at Carter's "coddling" of terrorists and denigration of Israel.

You're living in make-believe land. More people are quietly saying "Yes" about what Carter is doing. That is quickly turning from quietly and privately to publicly and loudly. He's changing the whole debate. You know it too, and it has you quaking in your boots. He's resetting the agenda. There's a new president coming, and Jimmy Carter is making the discussion turn to human rights, where it ought to be. He's exposing the horrendously selfish and evil actions of the Likudniks who must go or Israel will go.

If the Jews in Israel don't turn away from their covetousness and start being humanitarians toward all human beings, God will once again not protect the state of Israel. The idea of certain Jews that Jews are innately superior is a falsehood. The idea that human beings are not a family is what separates off those certain Jews as spiritually akin to the Nazis. The human race is one family that needs to be one spiritual family under the true God whose nature has not been properly interpreted and understood by orthodox Judaism. Again, wake up!

Logic is defeating you. You can't win. Give up the wrong side. Change. Convert.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., told FOX News that "at best, President Carter is being naive" in trying to negotiate with avowed terrorists. "There is a long list of people who thought they could reason with dictators and killers, going back to Neville Chamberlain and Hitler in the 1930s, but it has been shown to be absolutely wrong."

Joseph Lieberman is self-serving. Anyone following him is lost.

Who were the IRA? It was the Irish Republican Army. The Brits called them terrorists. Now they are the government. Who was, and is, Shin Bet? They were heavily armed resistors some of whom did acts of terrorism. They though were terrorized first. The British terrorized. Then after talks (which you apparently would have been against since talking with "terrorists" is inherently wrong), they renounced violence and joined the government. Who was Ze'ev Jabotinsky? Was he a false-Jew, false-Zionist terrorist? Yes, of course he was. Did the Nazis deem the French Resistance a bunch of terrorists? Yes, of course they did.

One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. Look at the Nicaraguan Contras. They terrorized the hell out of people. Reagan secretly funded them, knowing all about it, and then lied about that and pleaded that he should be forgiven for having a split personality about it. He said he couldn't believe he authorized illegal arms deals, but that the facts speak otherwise. Forgive that? That wasn't repentance. One can forgive him only on the level Jesus forgave the mob from the cross for being plain stupid. It wasn't after they repented. That's a different level of forgiveness.

As for Neville Chamberlain, I suggest Joseph Lieberman and you read a little deeper into history. Chamberlain was buying time while the weak British military was being built up. If he had gotten into Hitler's face right from the start, Britain would not have been able to back it up. Hitler was in a position to beat the hell out of Britain, and the U.S. was in no position at the time to come to the rescue. Also, Hitler was an imperialist. He wanted the other powers to agree to his expansion for farming land. Well, being competitive (capitalists), the British didn't want Germany as an equal or superior rival. They didn't give their okay, and Poland fought back killing Germans, which just helped to kindle Hitler's wrath. Of course, Hitler had all sorts of ideas about Jewish bankers and who undercut Germany in the First World War.

Now, you can say that those Jews had a right to make a buck in the cut-throat world of high finance of military-industrial complexes such as was Germany before and during both wars, or you can say that the whole system stinks, which is what I say. Those particular Jewish financiers were evil, and Hitler was evil. There were plenty of Gentile demons to go around too. It has never been proper to make it a question of which side in the argument between the Nazis and Jewish financiers was right. It certainly has been a total falsehood that Jewish bankers had nothing to do with Germany's defeat. Of course, I wouldn't want to redo history so that the Prussians prevailed in WWI or WWII. What I'm looking for is an end to war. It won't end until the money for it isn't handed over to the war-mongers regardless of their ethnicity.

You see, it is totally evil that the U.S. and other corporations sell weapons to both sides. As my Earthly father used to say, "Let them fight it out with rocks and sticks." They shouldn't be fighting at all, but why supply all these nations with even second-tier technology? Of course, it's for a profit and the U.S. always holds the huge edge (for a while). It's going to have to use it before the next superpower develops too much or the U.S. will lose its evil position. One of the problems with the system though is that the weapons are becoming more and more destructive and toxic and uncontrollable, meaning if the wrong leader gets in, that leader could instantly create all-out Hell on Earth.

Just imagine if the insane Hermann Khan had had his finger on the nuclear button. He would have pushed it preemptively or preventively — take your choice. The results would have been nuclear fallout severely irradiating the entire surface of the Earth. How many people and other creatures would have died from radiation sickness and burns who weren't initially incinerated? If anyone could have survived, what kind of life (if one could call it that) would they have been able to live?

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., told FOX News that she advocates revoking Carter's passport and supports a measure to withdraw all federal funding from his Georgia-based institution, the Carter Center.

This Sue Myrick is advocating that Condi Rice pull President Carter's Passport while Rice is on the edge of being forced from office for her roll in authorizing torture? Is that brilliant? Condi Rice should fall to her knees begging God for forgiveness for her diabolical scheming. As for pulling federal funding for the Carter Center, the Carter Center is a center for the advancement of peace worldwide. Sue Myrick has no business being in a leadership position. The people of North Carolina need to follow someone else. Sue Myrick is antichrist.

Where is the righteousness in any of what this post, "Carter Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza," is about? There is none. It is devoid of righteousness. It doesn't call for righteousness. It actually calls for an increase in evil means and ends, which always go together.

You (post author(s)) also cite only FOX News. Pull your head out of the sand. You're being an ostrich. FOX News is losing credibility with the masses by the second. It isn't good journalism. Don't you know that? If you don't care after being made aware of it, you're headed for deeper Hell than before.

FOX News is a product of Rupert Murdock. He's a monopolist. He is trying to consolidate and monopolize what the people with and won't hear for the sake of his personal, private, special privilege and advantage.

John McCain says he admires Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt would bust up News Corp and the other media giants as the interlocking trusts that they are. I'm not saying that coercion is right mind you. I'm just telling you that the U.S. was supposedly founded on anti-monarchical principles and trusts are more in line with monarchies than not. Personally, whether a monarchy is right or wrong depends solely upon the character of the given monarch. Murdock isn't fit to reign.

"We have a policy in this country about Hamas and he is deliberately undermining that policy," Myrick said. "Why should we support his center when he will not support his government?"

Who is "we"? George W. Bush is not the duly elected president of the U.S. He cheated to get elected. If the Republicans had not cheated Al Gore would still be the president, and we would have moved on Global Warming. That's not some blanket endorsement of all things Al Gore by the way, far from it. He's just erring less than George W. Bush by quite a bit on many extremely important fronts. There's plenty of negative criticism of Al Gore on this site. A simple site-search will turn it up for anyone who doubts it or wants to see and to learn more.

Good for her!

No, bad for her, Sue Myrick. What she and you ("Antisemitism" blog site author(s)) are advocating is bad. It's wrong. It's evil. You support evil acts by Israel that started the problem by horning into Palestine and undertaking stealing the land, etc. Again, if you think God is supporting that, you're crazy. God is not for people stealing land or coveting it under any rationalizing, self-deluding scheme, no matter how old or in what book it is recorded. Jesus came from God with the New Testament that says don't be a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is Israel's problem. Fix it or else is what God says.

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