...we have been all over the Ayers issue both on radio and television. We've pointed it out. The new media's been on it. But now, other people are going to become aware of that issue. They asked him about the flag lapel. You know, we add to that Reverend Wright. We add to that Michelle Obama's comments, and we add to that —

HANNITY: — what he said — what he never thought would be heard in front of a bunch of, you know, rich San Francisco liberals about people in Pennsylvania....

RLCC Comment: Sean Hannity will not use the same spotlight to shine on John McCain. McCain is taking endorsements from torturers. Sean Hannity's patriotism is very shallow. He doesn't give a damn about the sheer evil of the elite capitalists (plutocrats) against the people, from whom (the whole people) the government is supposed to be derived.

William Ayers' bombing was wrong. His grievances were real however. Reverend Wright made a few too many leaps or connections that he should have qualified. However, the bulk of his historic observations are right on. Flag lapels are no good indication of anything positive. George W. Bush and all his neocon males use them constantly, and George W. Bush is an unrepentant liar and cheater. He cheated his way into the presidency and lied many nations into war. The list of things he's done that are blatantly illegal that he knew at the time were illegal is legion.

Where is Hannity's call for thorough 9/11 investigation and hearings? Where is Hannity's call for auditing the Pentagon to trace were the 3.2 trillion dollars went? Where is Hannity's call for auditing the Federal Reserve and the U.S. federal gold holdings? Those are just for starters.

Hannity is a mouth. He is extremely selective in what he'll go after. He won't do or say anything that Rupert Murdoch might frown upon. Hannity is bought and paid for. He sold his soul. He's a minion.

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Media Matters for America, April 17, 2008, 5:13pm

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