So, Hillary would order Iran to be totally obliterated if Iran used nuclear weapons against Israel. Is that what she said? Well, Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons and doesn't want them. The only reason they would acquire them would be if they follow the stupidity of Israel and the other nuclear-weapons states like India and Pakistan, South Korea, China, Russia, France, England, and the United States and any other nuclear-weapons state.

The Iranians publicly stated that if Israel attacks Iran in a first-strike, Iran would destroy Israel. The Iranians were making a statement about self-defense in traditional sense.

Hillary Clinton didn't offer many qualifications. She offered a mutual-defense treaty position. An attack on Israel will be treated as if the attack were on the U.S. directly.

She didn't say whether or not that pertains solely to when Israel hasn't done anything to precipitate the attack upon Israel. Such precipitation would include an Israeli so-called preventative first-strike.

If Israel attacks Iran based solely upon the pretexts so far offered up, namely that the Israelis claim without having evidence to substantiate the claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons to use on Israel and if the U.S. then attacks Iran after an Iranian retaliatory strike against Israel, the U.S. will definitely go to Hell.

The U.S., even in the most mundane sense, must tell Israel that if Israel attacks Iran without clear and undeniable evidence of an imminent threat of attack in the near future, Israel will be on its own afterwards.

Now, the Real Liberal Christian Church position is that the U.S. and Israel should be about the business of peacemaking and helping all of humanity rather than saber rattling and making war.

That said, I want to state clearly and plainly that this neocon leadership that never knows when to back off is guided by the antichrist, satanic spirit. The neocons are based upon Israel. The conservatives before the neocons (new conservatives) did not base their foreign policy upon Israel. It was during the Cold War when Russia was making inroads with certain socialist-leaning Arabs that the U.S. cozied up with Israel in spite of Israeli evils (covetousness, land theft, and maiming and murdering Palestinians).

There were many forces (spirits; emotions) at work at the time. The racist Dixiecrats were being sucked away with the Southern Strategy of the Republicans playing the race card, as it's called. It became a somewhat transformed same old alliance of haves against the have-nots. It's been playing out ever since and has brought us to the second Gilded Age and Roaring Twenties rolled into one.

Now, the vast majority of neocons are Jews. Those neocon Jews have more then just a passing affinity to their fellow Jews in Israel. It's much as with how American Anglo-Saxons felt when Germany was hitting England. To be sure, there were Germans in the U.S., but they were greatly outnumbered by Anglo-Saxons.

The thing about the neocon Jews though is that they are not tempered by or restrained by Jesus Christ. They reject Jesus almost to a man and to a woman. In doing so, the total prohibition against violence that Jesus taught (turn the other cheek always) is something that doesn't confront them from within their religion, history, culture, or what have you.

That's a huge problem and one that all Christians must confront, as Jesus did and head on.

The U.S. has been sucked backwards by neocons. The neocons (driven extensively by Jews in hugely disproportionate numbers) have brought torture into open use by the U.S. It was horrid that it was and still is always going on in secret, but the neocons are trying to persuade the people to fall way down into the dark and bottomless pit of saying it's okay.

Tom Usher

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