Diplomatic charlatans, such as the aforementioned Jimmy Carter, may tirelessly promote, as he did just this week, the idea that Hamas wants peace but no one — not even the Palestinians — believe him. Its goal is not a secret: the destruction of the Jewish state and not merely its withdrawal behind the 1949 armistice lines.

Source: "Making Sense of the 'J Street' Jive," by Jonathan Tobin. Jewish World Review. April 23, 200.

Has this person never heard of bluster or things said in the heat of anger that when things cool down are never carried out? Egypt was once bent on "destroying" Israel. The so-called "diplomatic charlatan" Jimmy Carter worked tirelessly on behalf of humanity in brokering a peace deal between Egypt and Israel. Where's the gratitude, ingrate?

Also, Mohammed may not have been a moderate, but plenty of people calling themselves Muslims are no where near as violent as Mohammed was and don't want to be. All they need is a chance to hear the real message of peace (total pacifism) of Yahoshua Mashiyach. That's Jesus Christ. God saves the anointed one, and the anointed saves and brings forth God with us: Immanuel.

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