3.7 million children under 5 starve to death every year. It's going to go way up if dramatic changes aren't made right away.

Last year, World Vision distributed 147,000 metric tons of food from the U.S. Government and U.N.

World Vision, one of the largest humanitarian organizations, says it can't feed 1.5 million of the 7.5 million it fed last year. Food aid has been cut in East Timor and Sri Lanka and reduced in Burundi, Niger, Cambodia, North, and South Sudan.

World Vision is dependant upon donations of food and money to buy food to give away. It does not own land upon which it grows food. The Christian Commons Project™ of the Real Liberal Christian Church is designed to obtain such land for the purpose of feeding the hungry and housing the poor and Christian commune members. It is a better method of dealing with the problems facing humanity and the planet.

I've been writing online about this for a long time. People have been ignoring it. Why? What I said would happen is happening now and for the reasons I stated long before anything was showing up in the major mainstream media. It's what George H. W. Bush called, "The vision thing." The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Repentance leads to this: The vision of unselfishness. It is the same vision that said the Iraq invasion would lead to Hell, and it has. All greed, violence, and other forms of depravity, including of course sexual depravity (harmfulness), leads to Hell.

The mainstream capitalist (selfish-based) media has a vested interest in capitalism not being seen as the culprit in what the world is now facing; however, they can't escape it. Capitalism (its predatory, short-sighted methods) has caused scarcity where it didn't have to be.

The U.N. World Food Program is calling it a global emergency. Of course it is, but only to the compassionate. The cold, small, and hardhearted, those who are the opposite of the bleeding-heart liberals, won't consider it an emergency, because nothing in their view becomes an emergency until they themselves feel the pain. They don't feel the pain of others. People of compassion though do feel for others. They sympathize and empathize. They are more emotionally connected, just as Jesus was and just as the Good Samaritan was toward his brother and neighbor the total stranger at the side of the road left half-dead by thieves and concerning whom the Jewish priest and the Levite steered a wide path to avoid helping.

We need the Christian Commons Project™. How long will it be before that is obvious to people who come to this site? How many millions will have to die before Christians begin to pool their resources in the spirit of oneness to obtain land where Christians may live and grow food for themselves and the poor? How much worse must it get?

It will continue getting worse in the aggregate until hearts turn. How far down into Hell will you descend while you ignore the surroundings hoping that it will just pass as a bad dream? That's not how to deal with it. It's time to fill the common purse to get the common land to grow the common food so no Christian and none of the poor are turned away. It will take patience, but if we persevere, it will work in bringing forth. God will multiply the results.

Tom Usher

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