AP - The police officers wept in joy and choked up with emotion after hearing that they had been acquitted in the 50-shot killing of an unarmed man on his wedding day.


In his ruling Friday, Justice Arthur Cooperman said inconsistent testimony, courtroom demeanor and rap sheets of the prosecution witnesses — mainly Bell's friends — "had the effect of eviscerating" their credibility.


RLCC Comment: Now, the police fired 50 shots at people who had no weapons. They killed one and wounded two others. Is that right?

The judge goes on inconsistent testimony, courtroom demeanor, and rap sheets?

At the very least, the police did wrong. Under the mundane law, one can't be let off just because he or she think someone might be reaching for a gun. A police officer is charged with being sure that someone has a gun and is refusing to disarm.

It is incidences such as this acquittal that leads Blacks to believe that there is endemic racism involved. What else could explain it?

It is a terrible signal to send to all police and potential police that they may be somewhat confident that they will be let off when they shoot and wound or kill even the unarmed if the unarmed is Black.

Link to source-webpage, obtained via: Yahoo! News: U.S. News, April 26, 2008, 4:33am

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