by Stephen Kinzer


"Is it fair to say that the Iranian-backed special groups in Iraq are responsible for the murder of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians?" Senator Joseph Lieberman asked General Petraeus at a recent hearing in Washington. "It certainly is," Petraeus replied. "That is correct."


RLCC Comment: What does "Iranian-backed" mean? The U.S. has never supplied any evidence that the Iranians have supplied the resistance fighters in Iraq. Furthermore, it was the Iranians who convinced Sadr to calm down. He went to study in Iran, and they have calmed him down extensively.

The Iranians are becoming much better at working two different angles. They are making strong statements about self-defense and retaliation while also being much more open about how effective they can be in moderating the entire Shiite community that has been making inroads with the Sunnis, even the Saudis.

This is bothering Israeli hawks to no end. They know that Bush has zero political capital left and that any escalation will certainly lead to John McCain's defeat and then a forced reversal of foreign and domestic policies in the U.S. that will definitely not cuddle the Israelis nearly so much as has been the case under George W. Bush.

Hezbollah and Hamas are Shiite and Sunni respectively and had been called terrorists up to now. However, each will have to be brought to the negotiating table. Israel is beginning to see that. It is either that or lose Israel altogether due to many factors such as water, demographics, and growing sympathy for the Palestinians human-rights cause.

Nothing short of an all-out, open coup by Bush would change things. If he tried that though, the U.S. Military would probably remove him and his circle in handcuffs to face treason trials and certain convictions and likely executions.

The spotlight and magnifying glass is on him. That's why there haven't been any additional false-flag operations in the U.S.

Link to source-webpage by Stephen Kinzer, obtained via: Guardian Unlimited: Comment is free, April 25, 2008, 12:30pm

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