The only things I've heard so far that Jeremiah Wright has been reported as saying or supporting with which I disagree concern 1) damning America 2) not making clear where he separates from Louis Farrakhan 3) the U.S. created HIV/AIDS to attack Blacks, and 4) homosexuality. I'm sure there are other things where I would not walk with him, but those are the ones that have been mentioned most often in the mainstream media.

I believe his recent comment that Farrakhan has been unfairly labeled an anti-Semite when Farrakhan has been specifically targeting the racist brand of Zionism is worth following up upon. Has Farrakhan ever made truly ethnically bigoted statements against Jews? Has he ever lumped them all together as being beyond redemption?

Farrakhan certainly is right about the plight of the poor. He is wrong though to be a follower of Mohammed when Christ is so much better.

As for Wright restating that he doesn't put anything past the U.S. government when he is questioned concerning the HIV/AIDS virus, where are the specifics for how he connects the virus to the U.S. government or at least suspects the government and why does he think they targeted Blacks, per se. After all, it was the homosexual community that was hit the hardest the earliest.

Yes, the Blacks in Africa have suffered in huge numbers, but doesn't that point to promiscuity? Oh, of course there is plenty of promiscuity in Whites and in the U.S.

What would people say, that the U.S. targeted the Blacks in Africa because those Blacks didn't have the resources to educate the people fast enough about condoms or that the U.S. policy then turn to abstinence-only? Those are legitimate questions, but I still haven't heard reasoning beyond just saying that the government is capable of such reprehensible acts. They are capable, but that doesn't mean they did it. There are enough evil deeds that we know they did that it is unnecessary to say with any confidence that the government created AIDS against the Blacks. Keep it in the realm of speculation until there is more than just "wouldn't put it past them."

I mention homosexuality in connection with Wright, because homosexuality is being given a pass it does not deserve. I am against coercion, but it is required of Christianity to warn people about what is harmful. Once the truth is out there, if people choose to go against it, they choose blindly to walk into the ditch. All other things being equal, a homosexual life style always leads to negative consequences greater than if they don't engage in such behavior. It does result in many diseases. It is a disease state in and of itself. We have the documentation on this site.

Now, with all that said, I must say that Wright is correct to stand up to say that the other things he said about the U.S. and the particular brand of Zionism are correct. The U.S. has been terribly wrong to be the leading militant imperial power in the world while hiding behind lip service to democracy and freedom.

The U.S. has been about making the world capitalistic. It has been about raping and polluting the environment and exploiting workers. Also, the false-Zionists who pardon themselves with extreme rationalizations are definitely guilty of racism and ethnic bigotry. It is well documented directly from the mouths of their so-called founders. We have many of the quotes on this site. Search on the founder's name, and you will find the material.

The false-Zionists are wrong to imagine that their attack on Wright won't come back upon them. People are waking up to the racism and other immorality of Apartheid Israel. The truth is being poured out on Israel and the world. Just saying that telling the truth about Apartheid Israel is anti-Semitism isn't going to continue working. In fact, it is going to self-label those who resort to the ruse as nothing more than the hypocrites and phonies that they are.

There is no turning back now. The world is embarking upon ending covetousness and laissez-faire capitalism. Raping the planet is an abomination. It is grave sin. Standing against the voluntary giving-and-sharing, environmental economy is evil and will come back to haunt all who take that evil stance. Mark my words for they are truly prophetic.

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