Certain Jews are attempting to equate Pollard with Vanunu. It's ridiculous.

Pollard did it for money. Pollard is pro-war. Everyone knew at the time that the U.S. had nuclear weapons. It wasn't a secret.

Vanunu didn't take a dime. Vanunu is anti-war. Israel was keeping its nuclear weapons program secret.

Pollard is not America's Vanunu. Vanunu is a selfless hero. Pollard is a liar. Jews who are attempting to equate the two are trying to twist the issue to excuse Israel's terrible mistreatment of Vanunu who was rightly following his Jewish-Christian conscience.

All the other nations of the world are pressured by the U.S. to reveal their nuclear weapons programs and status except for Israel. It is a double-standard. It is hypocrisy. The American people should unanimously call for the immediate release of Mordechai Vanunu by the Likudniks of Israel.

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