The most frequent and fervent negative critics of Jeremiah Wright are racists and truth-deniers. They hope to shoot down Barack Obama's ("liberal" Black) bid for the presidency by shooting down Jeremiah Wright without even proving Wright is wrong on even one point. All it has been is a drumbeat to drum up thought termination on the part of many and repeating the mantra to create the perception of momentum.

Not one person that I've read has engaged Wright point for point. All they've mostly done is deal with the issues Wright has raised by appealing to selfish emotions.

It is all very disingenuous. It has taken on all the earmarks of a smear campaign started in some backroom where people sat around trying to conjure up an artificial groundswell.

Until the American people are ready to talk about the things raised in this dustup to get to the root causes, America will keep sliding down. It might take a step or two forward, but it will end up three or four back. It isn't on solid ground.

As for race relations being set back by Wright, that's ridiculous. The subprime crisis showed where Whites targeted Blacks. Oh, there were Blacks who helped out of course.

What Wright has done is raise issues so they are out there much as they were when Martin Luther King, Jr., was speaking about civil rights. Martin though was completely anti-war, which is closer to Christ in general.

Wright has also done a huge service by highlighting that political Zionism is not synonymous with Judaism or Jewishness or Jewish ethnicity. What passes off as Zionism that Herzl and others created is a secular ideology that is not good enough. It's not smart enough. It won't cut it. The sooner the people calling themselves Jews wake up to that reality, the better.

Read, "The Wright Time For Obama To Consider Dropping Out" (by Bonnie Erbe. April 30, 2008), to see how shallow the methods are for trying to destroy any conversation that will get at the root cause of evil that is selfishness.

Tom Usher

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