Political Zionism is shorthand used today to refer to Herzl and his followers who arranged for the creation of the current state of Israel.

Right now, there is a historian in Israel name Benny Morris who has written in ways designed to expose certain political-Zionists atrocities. In some of his research and work, he has apparently admitted to having made some errors. A case in point is discussed by Efraim Karsh in his article, "The Fight Over '1948'," (The New York Sun. May 1, 2008) which is a book review of sorts of Benny Morris's book entitled, "1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War."

Efraim Karsh explains how Morris used a mistranslation of David Ben-Gurion's October 1937 letter to his son into English. The English was given as, "We must expel Arabs and take their places." The Hebrew, according to Karsh, says, "We do not wish and do not need to expel Arabs and take their place. All our aspiration is built on the assumption — proven throughout all our activity — that there is enough room in the country for ourselves and the Arabs."

Karsh wrote about Morris's writing that he, Karsh, "was taken aback by the systematic falsification of evidence aimed at casting Zionism as 'a colonizing and expansionist ideology and movement ... intent on politically, or even physically, dispossessing and supplanting the Arabs.'"

The fact is that, as I written often on this website, both sides are to blame. However, regardless of the degree to which Morris may have made errors, the "facts" on the ground speak for themselves. Jews did horn in under Ben-Gurion. Terrorist acts were perpetrated by various Jewish (so-called) groups against both non-Jews and Jews alike. Palestinians were driven out in terror.

That said, it doesn't mean that the Palestinian version is pristine or that any of the various versions in any of the surrounding states is pristine. In which states is there pure unselfishness and a pure desire for truth rather than to further oneself or ones group even at the expense of truth?

One is not to kick oneself for having read and believed Morris. Learning to read everything with the understanding that errors can and do occur is only enlightening.

What is Karsh's point? What is his motive? Is it pure? In reviewing Morris, he gives Morris nothing. He gives the Palestinians nothing. He makes no criticism of the actual fruits of the current state of Israel by which we know that tree and its root.

If Karsh seeks to exonerate that current Israel, which is under the political (false-hearted) Zionists, he is sadly mistaken. From his lack of looking at the errors on all sides, he appears to be attempting just that: Exoneration. It won't stand up. It has no legs! We only need look at the fruit.

We only need look at the fruits of Islam as taught by Mohammed and as written in the Qur'an to know that tree and its root as well.

Then we need only look at Jesus's fruit and his tree and root by comparison to see that Jesus's way is the only right way forward.

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