I see the question, "Who would Jesus vote for?" all over the place on the Internet. I never see the answer. Let me supply it. He already voted. He voted for God. Would he go into a polling booth and vote for either John McCain or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? He most certainly would not! What does that have to do with electability?

Let me also inform you that Jesus himself couldn't get elected in the U.S., not that he'd run in the commonly thought of method of running for ruler. He's already running for ruler only people don't perceive it. He's been running for ruler of the world all along.

He's already the ruler of the world by rights (righteousness), but those with selfish hearts refuse to concede and step aside for someone who could save the planet and has saved it in the sense that any real Christian understands the world and planet (spiritually). We are more than flesh alone. We come out from what is not matter but spirit.

The real Jesus isn't popular the way he should be. His real teachings are more hated than loved. In a popularity contest, he loses right now to his arch enemy(s).

Being right isn't popular. Being bad is popular. Many are called. Few are chosen.

Electability is about compromising principle for worldly power. That's something Jesus has never done.

Until the people of the world wake up and stop fighting each other on the false spectrum of so-called left and right, this planet will continue sinking. It is a divided house that cannot stand. This idea of American-style democracy isn't ever going to work. It is fatally flawed.

The world must move to unselfishness, cooperation, giving, and sharing and away from greed, violence, and all other forms of harm (depravity). We are to bring forth or lose the kingdom. It is either success or extinction as a species. That's the rule of existence on this plane.

After fleshly extinction, only the spiritual will be alive as resurrected flesh (incorruptible; a new flesh for a New Earth and New Heaven).

See: "Obama, Not Wright, Is Obama's Worst Enemy," by Earl Ofari Hutchinson:

Whoever on Team Obama keeps feeding into Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's seeming compulsive need to speak out on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright should get the swift boot. When Wright went on his latest public and media tear, Obama should have simply issued a statement saying this: Wright is no longer my pastor. And as I have said repeatedly, his views do not reflect mine, and then move on.

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