By the way, if you Google the topics in the title of this post, don't depend upon Wikipedia as your sole source. It has been massaged by the CIA. It is designed to read as if Gary Webb didn't have irrefutable evidence, but he did.

Anyway, people are still attacking Jeremiah Wright as if nothing he has said is true. Look at, "Uh-oh, here we go again: Meet Obama's new pastor: Otis Moss compares Wright to Jesus, backs up predecessor on AIDS, drugs" (by Aaron Klein,, May 1, 2008). However, there is no doubt whatsoever that the U.S. government has deliberately imported drugs into the U.S. via the CIA and U.S. Military and distributed them in lower socio-economic class areas and especially amongst the Blacks. The incidences about which Webb wrote are far from the only examples.

It was all whitewashed and covered up, as usual, by the government and the main domestic propaganda tool, the mainstream corporate news that is now even more consolidated and in the arms of the military-industrial complex than ever. Just remember how that corporate media was instrumental in drumming up the war against Iraq for Empire (Judith Miller, etc.) and how it employed all sorts of people (retired officers) who were still taking orders directly from the Pentagon to explain how well things are/were going in Iraq (all perception management; falsehood).

There are those who try to dumb down the people by ignoring the overwhelming evidence linking Mena, Arkansas with the CIA and the CIA involvement in the heroine trade during the Vietnam War. There are many such cases that are shut down and sealed up (just as with the one Gary Webb exposed) by the U.S. government citing "national security."

It's all a fraud. The top of the crime scene happens to be the top world banks and their money-laundering operations (think corporate-crime). People cheat. Businesses cheat. Governments lie. Capitalism is predatory. It devours. Who's the prey? Someone is. That's inherent. It's inescapable.

Look, everyone knows why Cheney wanted Iraq. It is the prize he said. It is the oil. It is strategically located in the heart of the lightest, most easily discovered, pumped, and refined crude oil in the world apparently. He wanted it for U.S. corporate wealth, U.S. military dominance, and to deny anyone else. That's it. Israel is a handy tool and Israel uses the U.S. in turn to further its cause, which it has entangled with the US/UK/EU plutocrats.

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