Mary Gade worked for the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as its Region 5 Administrator. The US Midwest region, headquartered in Chicago, covers Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. She told Dow Chemical company to clean up its dioxin pollution. The EPA higher-ups sided with Dow Chemical over doing what's right. Mary Gade resigned and has rightly obtained/received press attention.

The Bush administration is in charge of the EPA. George W. Bush is in charge of his administration. Bush knows that the EPA has been less than extremely lax about protecting the environment. He knows it has facilitated polluters. Hence, Bush is evil-hearted and his whole administration and he should have been impeached and removed years ago.

In fact, he never should have been put into office since he "won" only vie cheating (election fraud; poll rigging).

Dioxin is a known carcinogen. It causes cancer and other diseases. Dow Chemical makes money making and selling it. If Dow Chemical were made to pay for the damage its product has caused, Dow Chemical and its insurance carriers would go broke. All the shareholders would lose the value of the stocks they couldn't sell in time (if anyone would buy those shares). Insurance premiums would go through the roof on dangerous chemicals. Some people would make lots of money though on account of such changes. Whole new industries and sections of industries would spring up.

Most importantly though, it would immediately become profitless and bankrupting to engage in making and/or selling products that are bad for the environment unless completely contained. Accidents do happen though. Some things ought not to be made.

If a company makes and sells something and does everything a "reasonable" person would expect a company ought to do to prevent making and marketing a dangerous product without adequate safeguards and then new dangers are discovered, society as a whole certainly ought to help (share the burden of clean-up).

However, if a company knowingly acts recklessly and does not repent and atone, the people and the people's government ought to decide that that company is a heathen and treat it accordingly. It is outside. It is an outlaw.

If the people's government protects polluters over the general welfare of the people as a whole, the people have a right and duty to replace that government with a government that will put the general welfare over polluters.

The proper way of replacing an evil government with good government is by changing each and every heart within the body politic (all the people). The people simply must change their hearts from the system that brought the evil ones to power to the system that will bring righteous ones to power. Only consistency starting with unselfishness as the root emotion that then stems throughout all existence will set things right.

Under a good government, all risks are fully borne by all as one. God then removes what are now termed risks. Goodness is reflected back upon itself.

Tom Usher

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